Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leap of Faith

A leap of faith is when you take action without being guaranteed the outcome. Like when I cut my hair short to go with a dress that I bought online, without being sure if the dress would fit or if I had shoes to match. 
*Photo is from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It's not mine, I will take it down if you ask me to.


diane said...

It arrived in the mail today, and fits perfectly. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I soooo wish I was brave enough to do that-- cut my hair!
xo jj

Siska said...

I love the photo on the right!

drollgirl said...

well i hope things worked out with the dress and the hair cut! :)

"leap of faith" is a classy way of putting it. i usually have a "FUCK IT" moment when i decide to do something that might turn out really good or really bad. ;)

AestheticJungle said...

great photos,
your blog is very inspiring,
come and pay us a visit sometime.

Mina said...

did u really do that? cut your hair? pics please. i need to see. with the dress and the shoes.i'm sure u will look wonderful.
deft a couragous move. im so attached to my hair. even an inch hurts. let alone cut it super short.

diane said...

I'll post some shots of my hair after I get back from Florida (didn't I tell you I was going on va-ca? awwww). It's too windy and brisk in the mountains for fashion shots.

Dominica said...

I like my hair a bit shorter too these days. And I so understand that 'yesss' feeling when you order something online and it fits (your expectations) :)

Dr Zibbs said...

All the dreses I try on only go with long hair. That's why I'm growing my hair out.