Tuesday, July 31, 2012



SkylersDad said...

Great pictures!

drollgirl said...

whee! who doesn't love swinging on the swings?!?! so fab and so fun!

last time i took my nephews to a park i sat on the swings. it was still fun. a bit of a tight fit on those swings, but still fun. :)

diane said...

Thanks Chris! :)

Drolly, I looooove the swings, always have. Watching my grand daughter playing on them really brings back memories.
btw if you can still fit on a swing, you must be looking pretty good.

texlahoma said...

Great pics!

Swarms me with yesterbees (a new word I'm trying to start) of my grandparents bouncy swing. It was a swing connected to a big spring, my cousins and I loved it, tons of fun.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Playing on the swings was one of my most favorite things to do as a kid. It looks like Babyzilla and her friends have mastered the art perfectly.
xo jj