Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lady Gaga and Mae West

Born 93 years apart, both of these women broke the mold on acceptable behavior.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Diane, Sorry I've been away and behind in reading... But I'm caught up now ans smiling at the beautiful people in your life. Your pics are so good at capturing them, their spirits and interests.

Babyzilla-- What I would give for a head of hair like that little beauty!

Hope you have a fun long weekend planned. xoxo jj

diane said...

Hey Joanna, Thanks so much, I love photography.
When Babyzilla was little, her hair was full of ringlets just like Shirley Temple.
We're actually having our first big party in this house this weekend, to celebrate our oldest daughter becoming a nurse.
Hope you have a good weekend too. xo

texlahoma said...

Want to here something crazy?

Well, here it is anyway.

There are some people that believe that Lady Gaga is none other than JonBenét Ramsey. (Supposedly murdered in 1996.) Needless to say that these people think many of the events that are covered by the main stream media are fabricated. I don't necessarily believe it, but I've learned so much about the lies of the MSM, I think it's a possibility. Not long ago I would have rejected that possibility big time. I'm either getting wiser or crazier.

diane said...

Structurally, the faces don't "line up". Hell of an urban legend though.