Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Shoes

Lindsay Lohan is not spending too much money on her wardrobe these days, just look at her shoes. In the top pic, you can clearly see the yellow sale tag still stuck to the sole of the right shoe. In the bottom pic, her soles are just plain worn out.


Dr Zibbs said...

What are those shoes on the top? They begin with an L don't they?

And you would like how fashionable my new girl is. She wears a lot of Tory Burch. Do you like that designer?

diane said...

Jim, I have no idea, but I do know that they are not Louboutin. They are really sexy though, even though they border on stupid with cutoffs.
Tory Burch is a cool designer. I'm sure your new girl is pretty cool, because the unhip run away from you in droves. And don't even get me started on Yeti women in 7-11s.

texlahoma said...

I hate to be cruel to Lindsay, but that second pic should have been cropped at the waist, yikes!

diane said...

That's ok Tex, I sorta thought the same thing. There's a whole pictorial on Lindsay by the pool, and some of those shots are not flattering at all. That girl needs to hit the gym.

drollgirl said...

she is a trainwreck. but at least she is getting her shoes on sale! that is what i have to do! :)

Anonymous said...

If they were Loubs, they would 've had red soles. No pricetag. Great tip to wipe off that tag : use babywipes ! Get's the any ticket of in just a sec !

@drzibbs I like Tory Burch ; I have a dress and a white raincoat by her label. Her ex is not such a good designer I guess. He was just sued by someone on Etsy, for stealing her designs !!

LOVE the grey shoes ; I'm not a big Lindsay Lohan fan. She always looks like she needs a good scrub/shower


diane said...

Drolly: I agree, it's not such a bad thing that she's being frugal. She could update her shoe inventory for a song at though.

Domi: I didn't know that about Tory Burch's ex. Good thing she got rid of him, he sounds like a "scrub".
Love the baby wipe tip.