Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going Baroque, You Could Lose Your Shirt Trying to Follow This Trend

In a time where most people are staggering from economic recession, this trend is the most unlikely one to hit the streets. To do this trend effectively, it must be done beautifully, and that takes craftmanship/money. This trend is a true divider of the classes. The only place you could wear these pieces would be around other people with serious swagger, otherwise you might just as well put a sign on your back that says "rob me".


Anonymous said...

Can't see myself wearing this 'Tudors meet Frida Kahlo look' .. How do you sit on such an embroidered skirt ?? I do like the headbands and have seen some similar copycat-a-like cheaper versions at Zara. Might consider trying one in my pixie crop


diane said...

Domi, I love an embellished headband in short hair, it's very chic.
Never thought about sitting on embroidery, hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like " brede of swagger".
Nothing like Eadiitorl Dhlighet .
Nothing like Captain Sparrow and Gate Ship- Met Ship- Lenta Ship on Sypenn - LA Seas.
And talk about " cooking blind".
With Billy Gunn.....
Wazzafak to Djacke, got Disco Punk ready to unwind.
Threads , spools, patterns, nails, heels , hair - dos and all with Captain Crawl.
Know what they say?
It's the Moomen and Dery.

diane said...

OK 2nd Anonymous, seriously wish you had identified yourself, because that poetry/rap thing you just did was AWESOME. Reminds me a little of Skywind, who will always be legendary in my mind.
omg, just re-read it, awesome.

drollgirl said...

lol. so true. but it really is so gorgeous. at least we can look at it for free!

diane said...

Janelle, It is beautiful, I agree. But it's like watching a parade of the elite in front of the starving/ignorant/enslaved masses.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Gorgeous clothes but way out of my league. You have the best taste, Diane.

I just say the documentary film "Diana Vreeland-- The Eye Has To Travel" and thought of you. She was realllly somehting.

And your post a few back on the graduation party-- What a BLAST!

xo jj

diane said...

Joanna, I've just recently been getting into DV, thanks for the heads up on the documentary.
Thanks also for the compliment on my "good taste". I think we probably have very similar taste, classic & fun.

katie said...

I will take any one of those dresses! Give it time and we will all be wearing them.

diane said...

Katie, that would be awesome. I remember brocade in gold & black being very trendy on denim jackets in the eighties. It was a trend that caught on because it was pretty and affordable (affordable being the key word here). In the end, the lesser manufacturers did cheesy versions of it, and the trend died.
Brocade takes money, and is not a fabric of the masses.

texlahoma said...

It's nice to see something in the fashion world that I can comprehend.

I agree though, there are places you wouldn't want to wear that.

diane said...

Tex, if you can comprehend this post, then you are farther ahead of the game than most of the men I know.
Take a look at my Fall/Winter Essentials, you'll love the motorcycle.