Monday, September 30, 2013

Writing a Blog and the Importance of Being Earnest

To write a good blog, you have to pull from inside. You can't just pull fashion pictures off of the web and post them up, or post up "selfies" everyday. Fashion bloggers carry a lot of weight in the industry right now, but it's changing. You have to be inspired, knowledgeable, savvy, flexible, honest, and psychic. That is why so many blogs are sinking, and why so many bloggers are walking away from their blogs. 
If you have a lot of other stuff going on in your life, it is often hard to make time for your blog, and your blog suffers. I fall into the second category. So, what to do, what to do. ..................
  1. Wait for the right inspiration?
  2. Wait a really long time?
  3. Consider turning the long wait into never coming back?
  4. No! Use the lack of time and inspiration to write an article on lack of time and inspiration. Genius. I tell you, it's really good to be me right now.
There has been a lot going on this summer, and life has been full. There have been hair changes, weight changes, plans for the future changes, work related changes, and it's all been exhausting.   I'm so wiped out I can barely eat my cheesy baked bread. (It's delicious btw). 
The most important thing is to not let the pressure get to you. Pressure from work to be less spaced out, pressure from my grand daughter to put my ideas into a children's book that she can actually read,  pressure from my hair dresser to reveal the hair color I'm using, pressure from the bill collectors to pay bills on time, arrrggggg! The pressure!!!! Not only am I supposed to get my book into print, I'm expected to get a video deal to turn the characters into a game that she can play. Really? (chewing on cheesy bread #2, mmmm) 
So, where was I? Oh yeah, don't let the pressure get to you. (what is that on the floor over there, and how did I miss that with the vacuum?)
In closing, be sincere, be calm, and the inspiration will come to you. You'll see. (Is that tomato sauce on my new jeans?)


texlahoma said...

I know what you mean, real life has been catching up to me too, not blogging as much as usual. I've been feeling uninspired and when I do think of something to write, I have to fight grandchildren for the computer. By the time I finally kick their asses, I forget what I was going to write. Oh well!

diane said...

Tex, grandchildren? well well.

Jane Droll said...

sing it, sister!!! this is so true. so many people have stopped blogging. i still like blogging, but only when i have something to blog about. i used to be so GUNG-HO about it. not so much anymore, but it is like an old friend that i like to return to. sure it sucks that comments and interest have dropped off, but such is life. whaddya gonna do but try and do things that make you happy. :)

texlahoma said...

Yeah, it's hard for me to believe.

I don't feel like a grandpa but there are a couple of kids that call me that, so I must be.