Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY - Quick Kid's Room Update

Summery curtain, aqua sheets, surfer art

Surfer art was totally easy: Print one photo from the web. Make 8 copies. Color wash one part of the picture with different colored watercolors. Tape to the wall with black masking tape. Voila!

Surfer art detail
Notice the mattress is on the floor, which keeps the vibe "beachy" and laid back.
For those of you with a keen eye, that's a Monster High calendar on the side of the night stand.


Dominica C said...

I just love the surf vibe you've put into this room ; the aqua sheets = fab colour. Maybe you can add some extra details by making art out of weatherbeaten wood and other treasures the ocean provides us.

diane said...

That's a really good idea Domi.