Thursday, September 18, 2014

Style at an Older Age

This gentleman was kind enough to let me photograph him. His clothing is well made and stylish. The hat adds just a touch of color and humor. And that sweater! It anchors his outfit solidly in the classic zone. Neutral khakis are the only option here, and flat black walking shoes. Just a peep of a button up and large framed glasses finish his look.
In conversation, he told me that he is a musician, and plays at a local Italian restaurant. Also, he colorizes old lithographs and religious papers. Wow, really love this guy.


Joanna Jenkins said...

He looks like a real sweetheart and so dapper.
Hope you're doing good, Diane and enjoying life.
xo jj

Jocelyn said...

Hiya! Some years ago, I used to read your blog with some regularity, and then I became lame about reading blogs, and I fell off. But I'm trying to re-kindle! I'm back (at reading--been blogging all along).

Your portrait of this man, along with the description, is just my kind of fare. I adore people watching.

diane said...

He is very nice. Invited me to come and listen to him play.

Jocelyn, welcome back.