Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stand Up Guys/The Family - review for at-home date nite

Due to a knee injury, and having to stay off it, a double feature was on the menu for the evening. These two movies are great fun; suitable for the gangster movie loving husband, and chic flicky enough for me.
Lets start with The Family  (2013), starring Robert Di Nero and Michelle Pheiffer. Classic re-location story, with Robert Di Nero looking a little bit more grubby than he had to. Michelle Pheiffer looked great, but her New York accent kept flowing in and out like the tide. Robert Di Nero was great fun to watch in his tough guy with a soft heart role. Dianna Argon was a surprise talent as the teenage daughter, and John D'Leo was actually brilliant. Tommy Lee Jones was . . . . Tommy Lee Jones.
Up Next, Stand Up Guys  (2012), with Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, and Al Pacino. This movie was so well written, it could have been a play. A story with three old wise guys reminiscing the old days. The timing between these three consummate actors was impeccable. And the ending was not predictable. Good cameo by Bill Burr as well.

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