Thursday, October 15, 2015

Combat boots & flowers

I came across this at the edge of the woods. It's a nice quiet tribute to a soldier's sacrifice.


Jess Allesch said...

coming from a military family, I was thrilled to see these. The girls n I have had mAny a long conversation abt the meaning behind "thE boots." Ashleys working on her first speech for school...she submits her topic today altho most of her research is done. She'll be speaking of those boots for a minimum of 7 min. She Said she isn't nervous, she'll be too proud. And if those soldiers weren't scared, she won't be scared either. What a Beautiful thing the big army truck man has done. And what a wonderful thing yoU have done by sharing it ;-)

diane said...

Jess, your girls are amazingly mature and have generous hearts.
Love the way you name our neighbor "big army truck man". I can never remember his name either.

Jess Allesch said...

Paul- one of the Best people left on the block. He let the girls water the boots and crawl all up in the truck. They were in their glory telling them their "Poppa and uncles drive these and uncle Steve's blew up and made him look like burnt bacon. They had to fix his skull bones but he still wears his boots. They keep him in Alaska now because the cold is good for his brains" I nearly peed myself at linas graphically detailed rendition of his accident n restationing :-D <3

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sigh. That's beautiful and a little sad. What a lovely tribute by and for a loved one.

Hope all is good for you, Diane. I miss you!

xo jj