Friday, December 5, 2008

Do You Know Who Your Guardian Angel Is?

Guardian Angel
My sister has been looking after me since before I can remember. She held me in the car on the way home from the hospital when I was a few days old (no car seats in the 50's, folks). She would take the blame for me whenever I broke something. She used to sing to me, as a small child, while brushing the hair back off of my face. She still sings beautifully, by the way. I was one of those kids that was too smart for friends; all of the other kids thought I was strange. I spent a lot of time sitting at home, after school, curled up with a book (this reading habit started in 2nd grade, when the other kids could barely read). My sister was always there to keep me company. I never realized it then, but she was like a second mother to me. Always getting me out of scrapes; even as an adult she's always there for me. For my 50th birthday, she took me to the Bahamas; even spending extra money to get us the only penthouse suite on the ship. I wonder how different my life would be without her. So, I know who my guardian angel is. Have you found yours?

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