Sunday, January 4, 2009

3 Months to Go Till Spring

It's 17 degrees out, and I'm walking to work, brrrrr. So, I'm putting up a photo from summer, cute hubby and grand daughter, with one of my favorite poems:

A small child's summer is endless.
Green lawns spread forever.
Countries of pink and yellow flowers fall
to small curious fingers.
New life explores new life.
And summer, like a pregnant woman,
yawns contentedly.

If anyone knows who wrote this poem, please let me know.


Dominica said...

17° ? In Celsius I presume ?
We had -3° today and this evening I was freezing my but off in my silky dress + tux-jacket...:-//
Luckily, my hubby drove me home in a warm seat-heated car ...

diane said...