Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You Feeling It?

Now that I've been blogging for a little bit, I've come to realize that our followers and commenters are more than part of a blogging community, they are more like friends. We support each other, offer positive criticism, look at each other's ideas & talents, and provide a piece to an international networking family. Some people post things that really touch the soul, and some people offer up comments that are amazingly & surprisingly spiritual (no, I'm not drinking). I just thought someone should say it, so there you are.


Cait said...

So true. Thanks so much for telling me about that with your friends. Recently, I was in hot water when we didn't invite this one friend to Ruby Tuesday. She hates the place. She was in tears though..it was the fact..that she could turn us down ..if we'd asked. As it was it was all about listening to our one friend who had came back to town just to tell us she was getting a divorce if she ever left her husband. It was the strangest lunch ever. And all I really wanted was the salad bar. Sometimes, I think its better just to go out with one person, but other times, best to invite everyone.

Jack Daniel said...

Yes, I'm feeling it! Although I think it's a pity that I have only one or maybe two dutch followers of my blog.

diane said...

RE Cait: Lunch for a group should have been o.k., it's a shame one person had to monopolize the conversation.

RE JD: You could just consider yourself a "man of the world". Personally, I think you're d*mn interesting.

Siska said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment!I´m happy,that you can finally read my blog :)

dkdc said...

Actually, I have lots of different story blogs going on and I know they won't be everyones cup of tea due to lots of different reasons. But I do try to challenge myself. And it helps to get feedback to see what people want to read about, what they don't want to read about. Of course, deep down every story is character driven. And I won't say I'm in love with them. I do my best to be objective, but a few are more easier to write about than others.

Although, I must admit I was kind of surprised with blue hearts and the stories the readers really wanted more of which did end up being a gay couple over the straight couple. Of course, those characters have nothing to do with my DKDC characters. These(Gordy/Bella/Emily & Rosco) initially were the characters I hoped I could get a story going. Of course, I know I lack in my proise and what not, but in a way, its like remembering people I've known. And I don't like to write a huge amount at a time since I'm sure people don't want to hurt their eyes too long.

Thanks for reading.

- oh..the ice storm missed us..it went south and east. But its still cold. The sun is out and we're hoping for a high of 28 today.