Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stranger Things Have Happened, but Not Today

There's a group of young people in the town where I live that we call "The Cute Punks", but I don't think they know they have a title. One of the girls, who I believe to be their ringleader of cool (and if she's not, she should be), comes in where I work every once in a while, and I always wind up sort of staring at her, because I would like to do a street fashion shot of her. So, now I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm some weird kind of stalker, so I gave her my blog address, asked her to look it over and let me know if it would be o.k. to post a photo of her. If she agrees, oh lucky you, you will see this young girl who is a cross between punk and harajuku, which is insanely some kind of a miracle here in Coaldale, where apparently not many people know the definition of fashion.


Son of a Thomas said...

Sorry I know nothing about fashion but Whooohooow! Coaldale Pa. I went thru there once. That is all.

MichelleMurderscene said...

Hello, I'm the girl you're talking about, you told me to post some pictures, I wasn't exactly sure how, So I'm leaving them in a comment. Thank you so much for the compliments by the way :)

The Concrete Commentator said...

would love to see your shots of Michelle on your blog