Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ringleader of Cool

Here are two photos of Michelle (ringleader of previous post), which she graciously gave me. These pictures don't do her justice, as you really can't see all of her (hair to shoes), but maybe some nice sunny day we'll do a street fashion shot. Anyway, thanks to Michelle, for being so quick to get these to me.


Cait said...

Nice scene queen shots. Great makeup too. So cool. Now you must interview her to her.

Thanks for the comment.

Bella strange predicument is the fact that now she has two kids. But what she didn't know was the fact that Gordy and Kal are brothers(they have the same father) because they hadn't known this very long, either. Yes, me and my wonderful soap. opera...haheeee...

Jack Daniel said...

She looks like an 'Emo'. I've seen a lot of those type of people in Sweden. Also in Amsterdam there are a few Emo's. :) Great post.