Friday, January 23, 2009


Have you ever heard the expression "Robbing Peter to pay Paul"? Well, I had my taxes done today and it's kind of like that. Except there's no one to rob except me, so that's not good. I feel like my tax man is an old-time gangster who extorts money from me to protect me from Black Bart and his gang, who is really the IRS. Thank god it's over with, for now.


Cait said...

Yikes..the tax man cometh...Its frustrating how everyone just wants a piece of what you earn. Even our city taxes are eating us up. Go to a concert build their big base ball stadium..with the entertainment tax.

OK, I hope you can breathe easy now.

Jack Daniel said...

I don't like paying tax. It's too much. And I think it's like a trick of the government to cash in money for themselves.