Friday, January 23, 2009


I am usually a big fan of, but when I saw their collection of Valentine's Day intimates I had to laugh, after the effects of cringing went away. This little number was the only one I could bring myself to subject you to. The rest of the collection was so blatant and tacky, it was all I could do to control my gag reflex.


Siska said...

oh my god it´s really funny :D

Cait said... is funny.

Thank you for making my day. Glad I could help out with the coffee too. Funny thing..well, where I work, my friend started there and the first thing our boss wanted her to do was make coffee. I was like. 'He never asked me to do that..' She didn't even drink coffee. Anyway, she did survive.

Dominica said...

does the blonde wig or extensions come with that too?
If not, I don't want it !


Isabel said...

Wow, thats really horrible looking! hahaha.

Jack Daniel said...

Haha, don't make this blog into a porn-blog.