Monday, February 9, 2009

Beauty Bargain has developed a way to apply your make-up without ever turning out looking like the guys from the previous post. It's their Beauty Encyclopedia. At 25.oo, this is an instructional must have. The three-volume set includes 6 powder eyeshadows, 2 cream eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 duo sided eyeshadow brush and smudge brush, 8 lip colors, 1 lip pencil, 1 lip brush, 2 blush colors, 1 face highlighter, 1 bronzer, 1 blush brush, and mirror (along with an instructional guide in each book to give you the tools you need to learn how to apply makeup like a pro. As an extra incentive, they are offering a free subscription to Glamour magazine with a purchase of 15.00.

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Dominica said...

Thank you Diane, I will take a look at the site right away !