Sunday, February 8, 2009

Macy's Dirty Past

This photo was sent to my mother "back in the day" along with a message from R.H. Macy saying "We hope you enjoy this radio feature presented Thursday Night at 9:45". The first thought to come to mind was "I really don't like Macy's beginnings". After that I thought "Why are they in full minstrel make-up for a radio show? Did they think it would help them to sound more "black"? I am so sure they sounded exactly like condescending white males poking fun at a race/culture that they were afraid of and didn't understand. I was actually looking for a vintage fashion shot when I found this, but since Macy's is a vendor in the fashion industry, I thought it was appropriate to show just how unfashionable their roots are.


Jack Daniel said...

Those two 'black men' look like the Dutch's Zwarte Piet.

It's a national holiday over here. And those 'Black Pete' slaves are helping out 'Sinterklaas' giving presents to little childeren. :)

diane said...

JD: Thank you for the info. on Sinterklaas's slaves.

Cait said...

What nostalgia...I loved what you said about this pic too..

Thanks for the comment. Really, though, I have left Emily's "past" more or less a mystery. ..not wanting to make it sappy.

Hope you had a warm day..Rain the forecast. Hopefully, ice will not be involved..but if its too warm..flooding perhaps.