Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cool Green Cats

This is what snappy home decor looked like the year I graduated from high school. (See if you can guess what year that was) So this is the kind of dream I was supposed to be working towards. I actually knew an older gay couple in New Hope, Pa. who had decor like this, with a lot of green; green cups, green dishes, green vases, ect.. Although, I think their flooring was a higher quality than Armstrong linoleum. Anyway, they were a nice couple, but their place always smelled like cats, more of a nightmare than a dream actually. Come to think of it, I knew someone else who had their entire studio carpeted, ceiling and all. They had a cat, too, and the cat used to run up the wall and hang from the ceiling. But that was kind of cool, and that place always smelled like really good coffee. Hmmmmm.


XAVS said...

hahaha, oh my god! Last year, I was looking for an appartment in Madrid, for rent, and I found this one really nice - in photos -, looked very cozy and all...well, as soon as I got in I realized it was a fake-Emanuelle decó (do you remember the G-rated movie? - Jesus, it was hilarious...
Some places are worth remembering, right?

diane said...

XAVS: I remember the movie, but now I am going to look it up.
Madrid sounds so exciting compared to Coaldale, and that's just the name.

Ann said...

I LOVE the green stuff!!! Coffe scent and cat's climbing the walls. Cool.

Cait said... your comment. See you've embraced the situation..and they haven't. They just don't know what they're missing.

That is just too funny about the carpet on the ceiling. I guess with Cats..the owners are the last to know...just how bad the place really stinks.

Vic said...

I don't think I've ever seen a house with carpeting on the ceiling! When we were house hunting a long time ago I remember seeing a house that had every surface of the house except the floor wallpapered. And every room was a different pattern. Wall-paper on vaulted ceilings is like a hallucination.

La Couturier said...

I love the green with that wood color; it's a beautiful combination!

La C.

Isabel said...

I think that decor look pretty cool, especially that lovely shade of green.

Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them. I totally giggled at your "Rock Around the Doc" comment.

diane said...

Ann & L.C.: I guess the consensus is - Green is cool. Thanks for all of your comments.
Cait: I try to embrace whatever life gives me. Please don't think that's weird, it's just me.
Vic: I think the people who wallpapered that house need to cut down on their caffeine intake. It was very brave of you to continue looking, once you realized the first room was completely wallpapered. You're braver than me.
Isabel: Do you mind if I call you Isa? It just sounds like a nickname I might call my little sister, if I had one. I used to own a pair of orange docs, they made me look like I belonged in McDonaldland. I'm glad you found such cool colors.