Thursday, February 19, 2009

Warren Beatty Never Cut Hair This Good in "Shampoo"

It's been about a week since my daughter cut my hair, and I am so in love with this cut that I want to marry it. This cut has done for me what a good husband does: Make me feel beautiful. Don't worry, cute hubby is still o.k.

Yep, those are actually my wedding rings. Click on the image to see more detail.


Ann said...

There is nothing like a great haircut!!! (I loved "Shampoo".)


Jack Daniel said...

Wow, you have a lot of wedding rings.

The cut looks like Anna Wintour's bob

diane said...

Ann: I could watch "Shampoo" & "Heaven Can Wait" over and over. I love the chemistry between the actors.

JD: One of the rings belonged to my mother, she never took it off. One was given to me by my daughter, and I use it to hold the others on. The remaining two are the original engagement ring and wedding band, which we bought second hand, because we are just that rich.
Anna Wintour must have watched "Shampoo" too.

Dominica said...

great post a matter of fact, just last week we FINALLY took the time to choose ours too (and we are like almost 3 years married !!)
Normally, they should be in today, so we are hopping into the city before heading of home...tomorrow we leave for Paris...I guess the hotel we be great ...It's the second time I book via Splendia and they always make/give great deals...