Friday, February 20, 2009

Helping Hand

Ann, from posted this today, so I am passing it on to you because it is exceptionally noteworthy:

"It may be easier to ask a stranger for something in a time of need rather than a friend or neighbor. Need something? Just ask, and I'll post an entry to see if anyone has what you need. Not cash, cars, plasma tvs or Coach bags :-0, but a warm coat for your child, a blanket for your grandmother,a care package when food is scarce, or an outfit to go on a job interview. Someone out there may have just what you need. So ask me. Some items may be used but all are given with love.
Do you know about Mary's blog? (I heart Mary). If not, go there!"


Ann said...

Did you sketch that? AWESOME!!! Thank you for posting this. :D

diane said...

Ann: Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for the heads up. I don't think I had any choice about posting this, not really. xo

Vic said...

I'm going to check this site out - what a wonderful idea.