Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Obsessed With This Dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress from Victoria's Secret, $88.00. I wear a size small, but I'm not hinting or anything.


Vic said...

That is an adorable dress.
I promise I won't take the last small, though, because I am built more like a Shetland pony than that willowy model.
Happy Friday!

isabele said...

An adorable dress.
Elle est trés belle et féminine.
Isabelle from france.

diane said...

Vic: Don't sell yourself short. No one is as willowy as that model.

Isabelle: Merci ma cherie, c'est gentile, par ce que tes vetements sont tres incroyable. Bisous

Ann said...

Very pretty! Buy it!!! :D

Cait said...

If you had the dress then you'd need to go to the beach in it...hehehe...its is very pretty & makes me think of warmer times than at the moment with the cold gusting wind thats suppose to bring us some snow.

Thanks for the note..well, I guess they just pms all the time. Its good to hear from you.

diane said...

Ann: You are a bad influence (hehe).

Cait: Thanks, now I can't stop thinking about the beach.