Friday, February 20, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action

I came across this photo of my very young son behind the camera. You'll never guess what his "grown-up" interest Yep. His first film won first prize at his college's film festival. He's an interesting guy.
Jeez, I just clicked on the image to enlarge it, and I can't believe how young he really was in this photo...maybe 2? Adorable.


skywind said...

Time flowing, time to change. Unchanged are the dreams of our hearts. I wish all a dream come true, Happy Forever.

Siska said...

what a cute pic <3

Dominica said...

He has a way of handling the camera...(back then) ...
It's always nice looking at old pics ; I showed my son a picture of me when I was about 2 and I asked him...who is this and he said ; Sebastian !!
Haha, he looks like me inside aswell as outside

The Concrete Commentator said...

Great photograph, and nice story. Thanks for sharing.

diane said...

skywind: Thanks for the lovely poem.

Siska: Thanks.

Dominica: Pulling out old photos now, is kind of like a reward for me. I've had a very interesting life, and now I get to share the stories. It will be this way for you too.

CC: Cute hubby took that shot, I wish I could take credit. I never, ever get tired of looking at your photos. They are some of my favorites, so thanks for the compliment.

Cait said...

That's amazing! I'm glad you found that picture of him. Wonderful, about the film too.

Thanks for making my day too with your comment. I appreciate it.