Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Stuck in a Fashion Rut, and I Can't Reach My Phone

Here's what to do when you are stuck in the fashion rut:
Reach into your closet with your eyes closed. Build your outfit around the first item you lay your hands on. You can cheat at this one. Repeat as needed if the first choice makes you look like a crazy person.
Try flipping through your favorite catalog with your eyes closed, and try to recreate the look of the first page you stop on.
Put on the one item of clothing that makes you feel the happiest, and build around that. This could turn out to be interesting if you start the outfit with your favorite fuzzy slippers; in that case, try the catalog idea.
Pick a favorite color, and build from there. No, black is not a color.
Try wearing your hair a different way. This instantly changes your favorite outfit.
Here's what not to do:
Don't impulse shop, unless you really want to wind up with some looks that scream "look at me".
Don't ask mom, unless you like the "I'd like to introduce my pants to my shoes" look.
Don't do tornado outfits, unless you want to look like you really don't know how to dress.
Don't try anything too different if you are hung over; refer to the embarrassing "underwear over the pants" incident of 1984.
Most importantly, don't forget to be yourself, really. Express the true you, not copying someone else, and you can never go wrong. A crowd pleaser every time. xo


Anonymous said...


Son of a Thomas said...

Great advice but the last time I expressed the true me I had to explain in court.

Hanif said...

Amazing blog,

Please Vist,

Hanif said...

Amazing blog,

Please Vist,

Cait said...

Just the advice I need during this drab winter season..its just heavy snowboots for me..or so it seems.

Thanks for the note. Hope its warming up your way..maybe its on the way.

diane said...

Choo: Thanks
S.o. Thomas: That almost happened to me once.
Hanif: Went there, nice site.
Cait: Last time I checked it was 9 degrees.

Stacy said...

shoping impuse- now that is dangerous.

karl's sweet child said...

too cute sketch!