Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Read Me looks like a good book.


Cait said...

That looks like a must read...because well, according to my Mom..the first one can be unbelievable hard. My older brother was the the sleepless baby. My Mom, had slept early on accidently with him while breast feeding..or thought she did and she'd wake up thinking she'd slept on him..when in fact he was in his crib. Anyway, he never slept through the night til I was born. And I had cholic the first month. I know some women practically have a club about the "famly bed" or used too. Seems my Mom knew a couple of women who were faithful in this. But I dunno I feel pretty crowded in bed just with my boyfriend.

Thanks for the note.

Jack Daniel said...

I should get one for my friend. He just became a father. :)