Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let the Hunt Begin

Last year, I searched for the perfect bathing suit from June through September. Although I found some beautiful suits from the 40's, 60's, and 70's on e-bay, none of them fit the way I wanted (I'm picky like that). They were either too short in the torso, or too high cut in the leg, ect. I have been forever spoiled for bathing suits by the beach scene in Disney's Three Caballeros, no kidding. The movie was filmed in the late 40's, and there is absolutely an orgy of glamorous bathing suits, every kind you could ever want or dream of. I even asked Sart if he wouldn't mind going to the beach to photograph some suits, but he didn't bite. Just call me pathetic, but be quick about it; I'm off to search for suits.


Son of a Thomas said...

When my pool is open I prefer to go natural. It's affordable too!!

Stacy said...

Bathing suit shopping is such a pain. I recommend J.Crew.