Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman Robinson
Born November 30, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia
Lives in New York City
Works for Ford Modeling Agency
Known for Legs, Eyes, name, smile
Status: Established good girl, cover girl.


Anonymous said...

what a fabulous blog! and i loved your comment about real gypsies on my blog. sometimes i forget the reality behind the romantic dream. thank you for the reminder :)
and chanel is gorgeous...

miriam said...

wow, she's really gorgeous! but 1989? suddenly i didn't feel that young :)

dk;dc said...

amazing, to be so accomplished at an early age.

aw..thanks for the note. Yeah, I wouldn't know how I'd accept the fact if my Mom had someone in her bedroom. Well, she has Dad in her bedroom..so I don't really worry about it much. Actually, I did have fun with this part..as it plays out. Sort of. For the most part.

Thanks again. So much cooler today.

Vic said...

She's beautiful.
And she excellently bendy ankles.

diane said...

heartshapemorning: Thank you. Yeah, the gypsy incident was far from romantic, a little scary actually.

miriam: You're only as young as you feel, today I'm about as old as George Burns.

Cait: Some people have it all when they are really young. It's knowing what to do with it all that counts. (a little bit too much info on the "rents" there.

Vic: Don't even think your ankle comment is going to make me forget about your arms. I've decided that you should practice on a punching bag in your garage while you are on spring break. That way you can keep an eye on your neighbors, and get in shape just in case I can't book the voodoo lady for that little job.

Girl Interrupted said...

Woah! How tall is she??? Her legs look about a mile long!!!

Stunning girl.

And great pics, Diane ... still loving the pink and black

diane said...

Girl Interrupted: Yea! Someone actually picked up on the pink & black! She's a model, so that would make her pretty d*mned tall (that's a term I picked up in "The Model Dictionary", right next to a photo of Iman dwarfing Janine Garofalo for size comparison)

La Couturier said...

Thank you for your well wishes! I'm finally back; still sick, but done with the show, finally! I love Chanel - she is one of my favorite models!

La C.

diane said...

La C: Thank god you are feeling better. I hope you made a little "scrapbook" from your theater experience. We'd all love to see some photos (hint, hint).

Marquis de Lannes said...

Demain, Chanel Iman serà dans mon blog!!
Bisous de Paris!

diane said...

Marquis de Lannes: Je serai la pour voir votre blog. Nous vous remercions de votre visite. Rendez-vous demain. Bisous de Coaldale. xo

shopinchic said...

Great post! Is that her real name?

diane said...

ShopinChic: No, her real name is Grace Jones.

I'm just messing with you, Chanel Iman Robinson is her given name.

drollgirl said...

dang!!!! she is smokin' hot!!!

diane said...

drollgirl: Aptly put.

Ruby said...

She is beautiful. Glad to see some color in high fashion too :)

And thank you for your comment - made me smile :D I know what you mean - My best friend and I always joke that we are going to get beat up one day... Did you see the picture of him picking up a strand of this guy's nasty hair so I could take a picture? We are a mess! lol... but I do it for my lovely readers ;)