Monday, March 23, 2009

We Were Young and We Were Improving

Can you guess what year these magazine pages are from? I'll give you a hint - Farrah Fawcett was still married to Lee Majors. And obviously, people were allowed to torment their children with day-glo walls and shag carpeting. Cigarette ads were common in magazines and newspapers back then. Remember when hanging lots of plants in yarn plant hangers was considered the height of good taste? I actually knew people who decorated that way, but that was back when I thought my orange bean-bag chair was really cool. Come to think of it, that chair would still be cool today. Man, why did I ever get rid of that? (The year was 1976, and "The Boss"* ruled the airwaves in Philly)

*Bruce Springsteen, duh.

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Girl Interrupted said...

Gotta love big hair! That's a work of art!

*flicks her hair*

diane said...

Girl Interrupted: Flicking hair became popular in the 70's due to not being able to see otherwise. Not that there was much to see, the fashion was obviously pretty terrible unless you were a hippie.

shopinchic said...

That reminds me: years, years, years ago, my mom brought out
her magazines from the 70's,
and I thouroughly enjoyed
reading them! We don't have
them anymore unfortunately:'(

I could probably buy vintage
fashion magazines from eBay

diane said...

Shopinchic: You are right about E-bay. Harper's Bazaar & Glamour are two good ones from that decade.

Dominica said...

I know, I was 6 years and Charlies Angels was SO my favourite show !
I even had a badge on my shirt with their images !I Also remembering having a 6 million dollar doll !! LOL
(for the kids born in the 80ies, not the price but a doll named after the series...)

Anonymous said...