Thursday, March 19, 2009

Niagara - La vie est peut-etre belle

Here's a video by Niagara, as promised. The title, translated, is - The life is possibly beautiful. Click on the title - La vie est peut-etre belle - to watch. This one is not at all grim, like the previous post. It is truly beautiful. Enjoy!


miriam said...


and hmm, no I'm so prudish but it's a great bedroom look :)

XAVS said...

nice!! totally1!!! have a nice w.e!!

diane said...

miriam: Ha, I love that you equate this to a fashion look, I just really love the song.

XAVS: Totally.

Girl Interrupted said...

le sigh! gotta love the french language! beautiful!

Thanks Diane :)

diane said...

Girl Interrupted: "le sigh", I love that phrase, do you mind if I steal it?

Dominica said...

OMG Diane, this brings back memories !!
It's 1986, I'm 16 and this is the year a real French vibe went through our 'hitparades'.
As French is a mandatory subject here in school (just like German, 2 of our 3 languages, don't ask !)
we JUST love all these French songs, Did you live in France at that time ?
You sure must remember Etienne Daho, Desireless and Axel Bauer and many more !!
Love this post !

PS did you have some inspiration in her haircut by any chance ?