Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terminal Beauty

Les Rita Mitsouko were one of my favorite groups when I lived in France, I adore Catherine Ringer's voice. They always did such edgy, creative videos. This is one of my favorites, not for the faint-hearted. Click on the title - Terminal Beauty - to view. Enjoy!


Dooder City said...

i don't know why it is not working on my computer hmmm

Girl Interrupted said...

Wow! That was grim viewing, but the music was awesome, the images just accentuated the song's power. I've never even heard of the group before but I'll check them out now, good stuff. Thanks for sharing Diane :) x

diane said...

Dooder City: That sucks, I hope you went straight to youtube and looked them up.

Girl Interrupted: Yeah, it's grim but worth knowing about. Another french group that rocks is Niagara, I'll post them up at a later date.

dk'dc said...

woooo..he makes me think of a goth singer that I enjoy..naturally, I can't think of his name.

Oh, do you watch a lot of French movies then?

I got Love Songs with Louie Garrel for Christmas..he's was so animated. I love Gaspard Uillel (something like that). He was in the Hannibal Lector presequel. I really liked him better in somebody the peasant. That is really a beautiful film in French.

thanks for the note.

diane said...

Cait: Louie Garrel and Gaspard Uillel are both adorable. My all time favorite french movie is "The Professional" with Jean Reno.