Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping My Closet

Although I really like the idea of shopping my closet, this is what I found when I tried it:

One mothball - What the girl in the photo has done with hers is really creative, but I would need to buy a box of them to do that. And isn't that like some kind of a death wish or something, since mothballs are pesticides?
One dustball - I left that in the closet; this is shopping, not spring cleaning.
A troll doll & a little kiddle - They might look kind of funky hanging off of a leather chord as a necklace, or maybe a pair of earrings, but that would make me look like some kind of a crazy voodoo lady. Moving on....
A smoking jacket - This is an item I would love to do something with, but I'm afraid I might wind up looking like Christopher Walken or Hugh Hefner. Oh, I'm down to 1 or 2 cigarettes a day now, so would that mean I would have to keep taking the jacket off and putting it back on? I'm not really familiar with "smoking jacket protocol".
An old hairstyle magazine with a "Flock of Seagulls" hairstyle on the front cover - I really don't think I'm going to find anything in here I'm going to be able to use, unless I decide to go for the crazy voodoo lady look.

So, shopping my closet may not be for me. It sounds really good in theory though. You go right ahead and create those winning outfits, Sparky. I'm off to the mall. kiss, kiss xo


miriam said...

what a great expression, and the troll doll is sooo cute. i wouldn't mind looking after him this week!

drollgirl said...

tee hee. love that shot of christopher walken. i remember those snl skits VERY WELL. he was/is so funny, as is your post!

Dooder City said...

that is really funny. i had those troll dolls when i was little. they are so ugly.t

Cait said...

If only you had C. Walken parading around in it...I'm sure he'd dance with you and make you a drink of some sort.

This was a fun post.

Thanks for the comments..well, these were some of things I've been told that I did to my Dad. My mom actually made me go on a 'date' with my dad once. I didn't like it. Now if it had been either of my grandfathers..well, it would have been different. Usually, the only dates I still keep with my Dad are at the museum from time to time.

diane said...

Cait: Christopher Walken dancing, I forgot about that.
I used to love alone time with my parents, both gone now. My father once took me to a Chinese restaurant for my 10th birthday, just him and me. It was the first time I used chopsticks. He was 16 years older than my mother, and old enough to be my grand father. God, how I loved him.

Girl Interrupted said...

I remember having a pair of those socks when I little ... they totally freaked me out.

A relative bought them for me one Christmas and I was made to wear them every time she visited.

In the end I sneaked them out and buried them at the bottom of the garden :P

Poshhh said...

hahaha this is such a good post!

Dominica said...

Laugh moment of the day ! Great post ...You should do a post on 'what am I wearing today'...and let someone that doesn't seem to be 'bovvvvved' take it !
This is where the fun daughter always takes mine - if I ask hubby, I always look fat because he shoots from a different angle...
(and maybe he's just a bad photographer...)

Jack Daniel said... my closet? I don't have that many cloths anymore. :P

The picture of the Flock of Seagulls is really.......really...I don't know how to explain it. It's really off.

diane said...

Girl Interrupted: That's a wild story.

Poshhh: Thank You.

Dominica: I am camera dysfunctional, I really need to get over that.

JD: Your comment made me laugh out loud.