Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skywind Tribute

Skywind is a poet genius amongst us commoners. I don't understand a lot of what is being said in the comments, but I feel deep down that there is something meaningful going on here. When I first started getting Skywind's comments, I was confused, and a little annoyed because I was confused. As time went on, I would look for these precious tid bits to put everything into some kind of "intellectual" perspective. Now, I'm a full blown Skywind junkie, searching out comments on other people's blogs in addition to my own, to get my little "Skywind fix". And of course, now that I've decided to do a Tribute (not even my idea, it was Dr. Zibb's of That Blue Yak), I can't find the choicest comments. After an hour of searching through old posts, my computer stopped letting me hit the "back" button. So, without further ado, here are some comments left on my page, but be warned, these mostly make sense. The best ones were the ones I can't find. If you go to That Blue Yak (the link is right there to the left), I betcha Dr. Zibbs did a much better write-up on Skywind than I did, because he's a really funny guy. And if you'd like to see what Skywind's blog is like, just click on the title - Skywind Tribute - and it will take you right there. Oh yeah, here's some quotes:

In regard to a post on new shoes I bought - "Really good price. Hand on hand. Hehe."

In regard to a post on my son, filming when he was 3 - "Time flowing, time to change. Unchanged are the dreams of our hearts. I wish all a dream come true, Happy Forever."

In regard to a post on a new haircut and outfit - "Oh, yes. Could be someone to fight with fashion."

In regard to a post on the 60's - "60's photos, only characteristics of the hair are not the same, no different from other." (This one actually makes total sense, I was a little disappointed)


Girl Interrupted said...

Yay! Bout time someone bigged up Skywind, like you I'm mostly left completely confused as to what he's talking about, but that's kinda cool. He's unique and that's a good thing and should be applauded and celebrated.

I'm just off to work but I'll check out his Blog tonight, been meaning to do it for ages.

Hope it's as weird and wonderful as I anticipate it to be.

Dominica said...

We are so alike ! Was getting a bit annoyed too ;-))
But hey, who knows - I might even get addicted too ...
We"ll see ...

dk;dc said...

Its always great to get comments for the most part. Its fasinating to figure them out too.

I'm glad you like the 'fish' story. It had been on my mind from the very moment they initially met..Bella & Fish. But I just never knew when the exact moment would be right to expose that part of him.

I've had a friend who has gone through this & it can be such an emotional toll on both of them & yet it seems the one who is living it, just can't seem to be in touch with what the other one is going well. Then there is the I just stuck in a rut..falling for the very same kind of person, time and time again.

Thanks so much

miriam said...

he's surely got a style of his own.

and hey, like not being too difficult - think you did pretty well on the quizz :)

diane said...

Girl Interrupted: Yeah, well, some of us have been teasing Skywind a bit lately, so I guess it's time to shine the light where it belongs.

Dominica: It's crazy how much we have in common, it was your music choice that tipped me off. I loved your previous comment about Charlie's Angels, btw.

Cait: I never said this, but I loved how much time Fish spent with the elderly lady.

Miriam: That's good news, because I love winning stuff, even if it's just an announcement that says "You Won".

Anonymous said...

hehe, these are fabulous! i have never heard of skywind, but now i will search him out. maybe he will visit me too!
did i ever thank you for the super sweet comment you left me?

diane said...

Chloe: Hey, I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it, you have a very healthy view of things.

Lucky girl said...

I agree with Dominica:)

skywind said...

Oh, God, This is me in the discussion? Thx for your comment to me. Life there is confidant, no regrets. :)
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La Couturier said...

Haha what fun comments!! I need to check out his blog!

La C.

diane said...

Lucky Girl: Those who agree with Dominica are very wise.

Skywind: Well, it's about time. Thanks for the cameo appearance.

La C: If you are lucky, you might get a comment of your own.