Saturday, April 25, 2009

O.K., Sometimes It Really Is All About Me - Narcissism


Dominica said...

Wow, gosh - some great pics over here !!
Love you the best with longer hair but have to say the haircut where you are wearing those jean-shorts is also a great look !!
The last pic down on the right = you look like a moviestar !!
Here's a link you might like too :

PS are you on Twitter yet ?

Vic said...

I love these pictures!! (Great legs, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post! it's great to see you throughout your life. that last picture of you with the long wavy hair looks like a magazine picture from the 70s (or maybe 80s?)... in a very good way! but you also look amazing with super short hair.

diane said...

Dominica: The jean-shorts photo was on our 10th anniversary, we went for a hike. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. I have not and will not twitter, I just don't have any more time.

Vic: Thanks. I love the new profile pic. How adorable!

Heartshapemorning: I used to turn my head upside down to cut my hair when it looked like that. It was the easiest, cheapest haircut I ever had, and I felt like a rocker chick.

Jack Daniel said...

Very nice nice pictures. Who´s the man in the first one? Your hubby?
I love older back-in-the-day pics!

diane said...

Dominica: I just got back from your shopruche website, and wow! You are so right, I love, love, love their stuff. Thanks for the tip.

diane said...

JD: That first photo is our wedding picture, yep, we were hippies right down to our last thread.

Girl Interrupted said...

Wow! You are so naturally glam!!!

You totally rock in those jean shorts and boots, missus!

Great pics, as always.

Dominica said...

I was thinking the first pic was a wedding picture !
LOVE that blouse you are wearing !!
And those flowers, I should show you my pics (I was married twice...remember the flowers the Duchess of York had on her wedding with Prince Andrew...well, she was my inspiration but I must say I was 22 and the rest of my bridal outfit was Dries van Noten, so I guess the flowers are forgiven...

right ?

SkylersDad said...

Hey thanks for sharing, looking great!

diane said...

Girl I: Naturally glam is how we beer drinking tarts roll.

Dominica: You were wed is Dries Van Noten, I was wed in a shirt from Jamesway and Nike sneakers. We are so oil & vinegar, yet we have so much in common.

SkylersDad: Hey, you are the king of sharing, so I take that as a true compliment.

Marian said...

love these photos,such great memories. liking those jean shorts!

cait said...

I had to rush through the pics..if I linger too long..I get kicked off..don't know why it has to 'abort'..but I made it to at least to the comment area.

Really some wonderful pics you've got.

oh..cold and rainy here today.

Thanks so much for the comment..hopefully Kat doesn't have too much beggage.

Thanks again.

La Couturier said...

Can I say gorgeous much? =]

La C.

drollgirl said...

I LOVE YER FACE!!! you have great face. :)

Lulu said...

Hey, today is my wedding anniversary - so cool to see your hippie wedding pics. So what - you've been married, like...5 years? :)

Word ver - pirrat. French for wedding pirate, I think.

diane said...

Marian: I love it that you sign Ma for short.

Cait: Try accessing my page through firefox.

La C: You are too kind. I can't wait to see your bombshell prom pics.

Drollgirl: Thanks, I'm rather attached to it.

Lulu: Happy Anniversary; does that make us wedding twins? Cute hubby and I have been together for 28 years. I love the idea of a wedding pirate, unless they come to take your wedding money.

Ruby said...

Oooh I love the one with the jean shorts!

JFK Jean said...

Love the top in pic 3. Let me guess....1994?! Style wise, not a great decade to be in lol

Anonymous said...

love the first pic, like U are hanging out with Jesus :D