Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Party

Saturday was my son's BBQ at his place. He lives two hours away and I haven't seen him for a long time, so I really wanted to go. My daughter was working, so this meant that Cute Hubby and I would take our grand daughter with us.
The day started out pretty well, as the weather was mild and we were all in good spirits. We stopped a few times on the drive down to pick up some bread, cheese, & beer to contribute, and this broke up the drive nicely for the baby so she could stretch her legs.
When we arrived, the baby had fallen asleep, so I let her nap in her car seat while we got settled. Then I set about taking some photos of the property. Ahhh, what a lovely start to...."The Day the Baby Came to the Party".
From the minute she awoke, she tried to climb the stairs, jump in the pond, throw gravel at the cars, run towards the street, run away from me, scare the cat, scare the dog, refuse to eat anything other than grapes & cheese puffs, and scream at full tilt when she was not allowed to do any and all of these things. We stayed for four hours. Four long hours.
At one point, as I was chasing the baby, I overheard one of my son's friends say "She's so thin" (about me, not the baby), to which the other friend replied "She never stops running". Well, that's swell. Now I'm "the thin lady who never stops running".
When it was time to leave, I said my good-byes, and put the over-tired, screaming baby into the car....and there we sat for ten minutes while Cute Hubby said his good-byes. Amazingly, the baby was happy to be in the car, and sat contentedly looking out of the window. Finally, Cute Hubby arrives and we get to leave, smiling & waving good-bye to our wonderful childless friends, who look rather relieved to see us go.

Me: I couldn't get the baby to eat much.
Cute Hubby: She had some cheese, and some cheese puffs. (like cheese puffs are food)
Me: When we get home, I'll give her some of that soup that I made.
Cute Hubby: Honey, I didn't like that soup.
Me: Why not?
Cute Hubby: Because those beans were soaked in salted water and turned kind of black, so I think they were dead.
Me: So, are you saying I made a "soup of death"?
Cute Hubby: I guess so. But that's o.k., honey. It doesn't amount to a hill of beans. (smiling at me like that's just so witty)

There was not much else said for the remainder of the ride home, except for the cheerful exchange of babble between Cute Hubby and the baby. About a half an hour left to go, and we hear a kind of a wet, gurgling noise from the back seat.

Me: I think the baby is car sick. Could you please turn on the car light and check.

Cute Hubby proceeds to click the light on and quickly shuts it back off.

Cute Hubby: It's not good.
Me: What do you mean?

The sound of more gurgling comes from the back seat. Cute Hubby flicks on the car light and I glance back at the baby, who is covered in her own slime, completely. She is smiling back at me while she rubs her slimy hands over her slimy face and through her slimy hair.

Me: Shut the light off. We need to pull over.

So, we pull the car over, and clean up the baby mess. Then Cute Hubby and the baby take a little walk while I clean up the car mess.
When we finally pick our daughter up from work, she gets to the car door, looks in, and says "Is it all pukey in there"? To which I reply with a bold faced lie "No. Get in".
We drove home with the windows open. When we got home, my daughter put the baby in the bath, while I hosed down the car seat and warmed up some "death soup".


Dominica said...

I so recognise this !! Children are just like this - at home they are the sweetest ; once you enter a 'zone' with other people you will never see in a million years afterwards...people give you funny names and think you have a (grand)child that's always like this..I guess it's just because they are out of their 'feel good - safety zone' ...
Well, nice to know there's another Miss Puke in this world ...send her my love ...XXX

Girl Interrupted said...

There's nothing like "death soup" for settling a queasy stomach lol

Poor you, what a trying day! ... you looked great though xx

SkylersDad said...

baby puke. The most instantly recognizable sound ever!

miriam said...

lol, death soup!

gosh, what a day. but i sort of wish i had been there. it was a pretty fun story!

Traceytreasure said...

My son puked all over me on a road trip once. I had to sit in baby "soup" pants for 8 hours. Hubby gave me one of his shirts. Ahhhh the joys of life, huh?
The pictures are gorgeous. I don't really know where you two live, but it's beautiful country!!
I want to live there! I forgot how green grass could be.....sigh....

BTW-Your blog ROCKS my face off. Come by and pick up your award.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Been there done that with the baby puke smell all over the car. Just keep the windows rolled down... for about a year-- and it will be done :-) Your grand daughter is BEAUTIFUL, even when she's got you on the run.

La Couturier said...

Lovely photos! Looks like quite the day though!
La C.

drollgirl said...

OHMYLORD!!! i am so sorry for laughing!!! i do not have kids and am moritified (and a little pleased!) when i hear such stories. jaysus!!! hahahahahah! i am not sure what else to say.

i do have one somewhat similar incident way back in my babysitting years that involved a 2year old that had corn diarrhea at a public swimming pool. i am not sure if she or i cried harder at the debachle. it was a terrible day that i will never forget.

Jack Daniel said...

I think it´s funny you´re calling your husband ´Cute Hubby´ in your posts all the time. Haha. :)

Oh my, your son is lucky to have such a huuuuge garden...and cool friends. :) Seems like you´ve had lots of fun.

(The little girl in the second pic looks like ´Maddy´ by the way!!)

Miss Yvonne said...

Whoa, beautiful place! slime!

JFK Jean said...

"I glance back at the baby, who is covered in her own slime, completely. She is smiling back at me while she rubs her slimy hands over her slimy face and through her slimy hair."

Wonderful description and lmao at "death soup". Didn't know those two worlds could ever be brought together lol

diane said...

Dominica: Miss Puke; that's a title nobody wants.

Girl I: Honestly, it was a good soup. For real.

SkylersDad: The voice of experience?

Miriam: I wish you had been there too. I would have paid you to watch the baby for even 10 minutes.

TraceyTreasure: Baby soup pants for 8 hours! And you're giving ME an award? I think you deserve it more, but I will be by shortly to retrieve it. Thank you, my gem.

JoannaJenkins: A year? How about if I just frebreeze the sh*t out of it?

La C: It's a good thing the camera is small, and can be worked with one hand, as the other hand was always reaching for little miss marathon runner.

Drollgirl: Corn diarrhea at the swimming pool! God, I love you.

JD: The property is jaw dropping.
Let's see some photos of Maddy.

Miss Yvonne: Double ewwww! There might be an idea in this somewhere for getting rid of unwanted guests.

JFK Jean: I swear, it was a good soup. I made it from scratch, but let's not call it Scratch Soup either.

Cait said...

There are times..I want to do the same thing after a party..and I almost did tonight. My brother really out did himself with his cinco de mayo stuff..and there was lots of alcohol ..naturally.

Love the landscape..& what cool T-shirts, too. Cool orange livingroom as well...with the photos.

Thanks for the note. Funny, how I never thought I'd bring this character back..Derrick..but it made me I kept writing. Sometimes, thought, when I think of certain people as in a certain part...I will try to use them as a different character and make them totally different..which I'm sure this makes no sense nor any rationality...just let me find an Alex Evan picture and come up with a story, I guess.

Hope all is well after the death soup.

diane said...

Cait: Where do they celebrate Cinco De Mayo on the third? I want to go, am I invited? Every thing is fine here, and we still have leftover death soup. I'll gladly trade you some for some cool cinco de mayo stuff.

Jaime said...

Sounds like quite an adventure you had there! But you will remember it forever! Gotta love kids!

PHOTOG said...

Your son has some fashionable friends - Hope you have a great Mother's Day