Friday, May 1, 2009

Where's Waldo?

There is actually a baby in this chaos of color that was once my living room.
The tied dye tee is vintage, it was once worn by my kids but still looks new.
I could not love my grand daughter any more if I tried.


Girl Interrupted said...

awww, lovely pic ... and she's beautiful, there's a strong family resemblance :)

Great t-shirt! She looks like she should be wandering around woodstock

diane said...

Girl I: We all look like each other; me, my daughters, my son, my grand daughter, and even cute hubby. When we were really young, people use to mistake cute hubby and I for brother and sister all of the time.

drollgirl said...

vahahha! a a hahahahh1!!! chaos! color explosion! and your granddaughter looks so cute. lucky you!!!

p.s. i would rather have grandkids than kids. i am working on that.

Traceytreasure said...

I love that shirt! I want one!! Granddaughter, that is....The shirt looks too small!! Hehehe!!


Thanks for your awesome comment!! I think it's at the top of the list for favorite comments ever!!


diane said...

Drollgirl & Tracy T: Patience, patience. I thought that day would never come, and then it came out of the blue.

Dominica said...

What a lovely girl !! Love her curls - let's get together and become family ! You're granddaughter and my son ...wouldn't they have lovely children ??

LOVE the chaos in your living room and all these colours, kids adore that. In my house we are severe and a bit more plain in colours but in my shop, the colours burst of the walls !
Children always pick the fiercest colours first !!

Let me send you a present from my shop for her !
What's her age and how tall is she now ?

diane said...

Dominica: You are so right, your son would make a perfect match for her. Lets plan it.
I would be over the moon if she had something from your store! She's two, but wears a size 3 Toddler, and weighs 30 lbs. I'm not sure of her height.

Jack Daniel said...

Those shirts look like they´re some kind of hippie-shirts. Haha.


...I would love to play in this heaven of colorsss. Lovely weekend to you & your darling family!

STEFANIE said...

Awww so cute ^-^

diane said...

Lenorenevermore & Stefanie: Welcome, and thank you.

cait said...

What fun she must be having and you too. Love the colors in the T.

Thanks so much for the note...yeah, a friend was telling me when she interviewed for a teaching job a few weeks ago..the recorded her answers.

Looks like you're having a very fine weekend.

Dominica said...


just to be sure ;
she's 2 now and how much would 30lbs in kilo's (I'm going to search for an online converter now !!)

PS will send you a mail ...
for correct address !

Joanna Jenkins said...

All that AND Elmo on the TV. This is perfection! Your pics are great! More please.