Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vintage Gold Rush, Nine West, & Some Inspiration

I had a nice morning, watched a bunch of Michael Jackson videos on Youtube. I firmly believe that Man in the Mirror is the most important thing he's ever done, it still makes me cry.
I love this tee shirt by Gold Rush, sorry the photo is a little blurry.
The vintage Nine West boots with customized nail polish tips are a diy project idea stolen from Susie Bubble of Style Bubble; her link is on my inspiration list. Cute hubby really hates these boots. He said he thinks they look like I just got done kicking the sh*t out of someone.
Et voila, my bedroom window and inspiration board. I hung an ordinary piece of muslin fabric from the rod and attached it with vintage brooches. Some of my favorite scarves provide the side "tassels".


Cait said...

I can only imagine the dancing you could do in those boots. I really love what you did with the window. Cool.

Thanks ever so much for the comment. Yeah, I believe that's true that we can go matter what our history of mistakes might be.

Thanks again.

SkylersDad said...

Very cool!

drollgirl said...

i love the boots!!! the shit kickers!!!!

Girl Interrupted said...

Oh great! NOW you give me cool window tips AFTER the trauma of DIY and putting my curtain pole up!!

The inspiration board is a great idea too!

Vic said...

Those are definitely respect-commanding boots!
My favorite is the first picture - love the soulful pose!

jules said...

Those boots are amazing.

La Couturier said...

Those boots are killer!

La C.

diane said...

Cait: I actually do my best dancing barefoot in the kitchen with the baby.

SkylersDad: Thanks, being that you are the only guy to comment so far, it means a lot to me.

Drollgirl: I'm really not a violent person, really.

Girl I: Your window treatment looks professional, whereas mine Glad you like the inspiration board, did you click to enlarge?

Vic: I'm real good at soulful, as I spend a lot of time around the house, whatever that means.

Jules & La C: Thanks. I wish you could have seen Susie's, they were much less frightening.

Dominica said...

That tee is to die for ..very NICE.. even on a blurry pic - those specs are great too (having my own
little sunglasses addiction lately)
The boots...well, if I was coming to make some trouble (biting jelly or something like that) and I'd see you coming to ask what I was up too...I would run very hard !!
I can hear the 'clicking' of the heels already ....

RUN Domi, RUN !!!!!!!!

JFK Jean said...

I cropped him out, didn't feel like using him but you made me realize how funny keeping him in the pic would be for comical value so I went back and added the original picture as taken.......

jules said...

Unfortunatly those photographs were not taken by me, they are selby photos. I just keep my sunnies that way as well

diane said...

Dominica: My bff used to run away from me, haha! We've been friends for 44 years now.

JFK Jean: I'm so glad you went back and cropped the "hobo" in, but I was expecting to see a bum. Instead, I saw, what looked to me to be a probably underpaid/unemployed (like a lot of people these days) guy wearing his work clothes, you know....from working. I bet he's even wearing socks. My first thought was, this guy really doesn't need anyone trying to tell him how "awful" his life must be; he already knows.

Jules: My bad. Still love your blog, though.

miriam said...

the shoes, soo cool!

have a lovely weekend, hun!