Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Billie Jean Is Not My Lover

Vintage hat-son's prom, tank top & tee-old navy, cuffed jeans-aeropostale, socks-basics, shoes-wannabe by patrick cox. Grand daughter's shirt & leggings-vintage old navy.

Lovely cluttered porch and mountainous view courtesy of living like Deliverance groupies.

Yes, I know I appear to be getting younger (for those of you who have seen previous photos of me), but no vampire or benjamin button jokes, please. I've heard them already.

A very special thank you to Miriam of Insider's Journal at for your lovely gift which came in the mail today. They are just my size (they appear to be much larger than they really are, I can assure you). Notice how lovingly they are displayed on my broken bird bath. The neighborhood cats kept jumping up there, and toppled it over, thus destroying their source of wild prey (stupid cats).
Well, anyway, I ripped the package open so fast, I gave myself a paper cut. Thank you so much for thinking of me. xo

If you click on the title, Billie Jean Is Not My Lover, you'll get your video treat. Sorry to all of you overseas who can't access the video.


Hippiegirl said...

you look so great :)
i love the way how you wear this amazing hat! so stylish :)

Vic said...

Cute pictures! (I also liked the ones around your house - I didn't get a chance to comment- I was intrigued by the laying down doll!)

Also, thanks for putting in the word for me at miriam's site! (I need to find my umlaut key...or do they only call it that in German? I just don't know.) Anyway, I'm so excited about my tickets! I'm rounding up my friend Lisa to go. :)

Girl Interrupted said...

Your home looks wonderful!

I am SO envious that you have a pair of bjorn Borg pants!!!!

Kay said...

I love the hat (:

She is SO sweet!

La Couturier said...

I'm liking the outfit post =]

La C.

frances said...

oh i love the hat!
and your comment absolutely cracked me up, as per. x

drollgirl said...

you are looking GOOD, and love that song even tho mj gives me the creeps now. he sure had some good stuff way back when.

diane said...

Hippiegirl, Kay, & Frances: I love that hat too. Whenever I wear it, I am reminded of Madonna's Open Your Heart video.

Vic: Oh thank god you won. I was really rooting for you.

Girl I: I live in a house that was built for hobbits, it's very small, but it's full of wonderful art & comfy things.

La C: I'm so glad you like the outfit post. I've been wanting to do more of that kind of thing for a long time.

Drollgirl: Wasn't he adorable in that video? What the h*ll happened to that guy?

Dooder City said...

I can't wait to click on the word for the surprise video! I think you look lovely darling. I want to see you work that hat like Michael!

I've been listening to a lot of him lately.

diane said...

Dooder City: You are so cute, did you really think I did a video cover of Billie Jean? Because the thought of me trying to do that is hysterical and a little pathetic.

JFK Jean said...

I couldn't tell you what happened to the guy in that video but all I can say is he was the epitome of awesomeness 25 years ago.

I love the outfit however(!) I would've given you 100 bonus points if you posted a pic with a pair of white socks (a look I definitely will be doing this summer) instead of black just for giggles lol

diane said...

JFK Jean: We all loved Michael before he lost his mind, didn't we? I thought about the white socks, but decided it was a little too cliche for me.

Prunella Jones said...

You look damn cute in that hat. Can you moonwalk?

Dominica said...

Sorry Di, for my late comment but it has been a fully booked day, LOADS of customers and some sad news from the Netherlands I wished to check out first on the news tonight.

GREAT loafers !! Love 'em ! And haha, is this a coincidence but just yesterday, a sales representant from...oh yeah, Bjorn Borg underwear came in my shop to present the childrens' stuff they have in their collection and to check out the quality they supply, I got some bright blue BB knickers myself !! Hahaha...
have to admit, they feel comfy !
She just gave me a bag of goodies, full of BB stuff and a short, just like yours !!

diane said...

Pru: I can moonwalk with the best of them.

Dominica: That is such a wild coincidence! Yay for you (doing a solo "high five".

Jack Daniel said...

It worked for me! (video).

Ah, Miriam is such a cutiepie. She sent me BB stuff as well. :)

JFK Jean said...

"Cliche"? I was going more for "ironic"