Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Your Every Day Crap, It's Mine

Conversation with oldest daughter:
od: Mom, what are you doing?
me: I'm photographing some of my weird stuff that's laying around.
od: Why?
me: I don't know. I thought it might be cool to post it.
od: That's funny, mom. What about the doll that's laying down, she's looks strange.
me: Yeah, she does. Oh well, I'm putting this stuff up anyway.

In my head this all made perfect sense. Now that I'm looking at the collection, it looks like some kind of freak show for bizarre objects:

The blue ceramic face that I made in high school (yes, I did some substances back then, can you tell?) looks like the lead singer of the potato singing group. The little boy toothpick holder is their groupie.

How about that lamp, huh? Now that is some serious folk art, people. At Christmas I put a miniature tree in front of the little fireplace, it's cute.

The shoes were a school project that my youngest daughter did in high school (no, she is substance-free, but very creative).

The sculpt behind the shoes was made by cute hubby's grand father. I think that whole little collection looks outstanding on top of the unused speakers for the unused turntable.

There's also a miniature warrior soldier, and a carved devil with wings. These two might be sparring for the attention of the laying down doll, who is obviously waiting to be rescued.

The anime clock speaks for itself, as does the Marilyn Monroe doll & movie collection.
They are necessary girlie objects whose values double every time I see cute hubby roll his eyes at them. It's part of marriage ninja; only people who have been together as long as we have will understand the wisdom of this.

The framed leaves are from a romantic hike with cute hubby last fall. This is something else that cute hubby could do without, but is a necessary annoying reminder of how much I looooved hiking up that d*mned hill on that d*mned cold day, thus proving my dedication to him.

See? It all makes perfect sense.


Dominica said...

I know you can get attached to some things ; me on the other hand, I'm a 'if you don't use if for a year, ditch it'...Result, sometimes I'm having a pain in my heart because of an item I trew away and it's useful again or back in fashion.
By getting married, lots of things came together and I wasn't always happy with what I saw in our house...I'm also a 'less is more' girl ...but then again, I have my own loose edge and come home with the most ridiculous objects like the Chinese gymnast a few weeks ago (it's a toy, not a 'ménage à trois, for the non-insiders) or a cuckoo clock with a bird that squeeks 'meow' instead of 'cuckoo'...I like the MM doll in your collection !!

Lilith said...

yes all these items are quite bizarre, but i guess they all make sense after you explain the story behind them. :_)

The Dark Bohemiian said...

HII !!

Girl Interrupted said...

Wow! What cool stuff! I looked at all the pics before I read your text and thought you were going to say you'd been to some kind of groovy museum or exhibition!

It's lovely that all these things have personal meaning to you, too many people fill their homes with cold, pointless clutter. I bet you have a lovely home.

and lol @ Dominica's Chinese gymnast comment! :P

Jack Daniel said...

The doll in the fourth picture is a doll which has its roots where my parents are originally from: Indonesia. It´s called ´Wayang Doll´. Search for it on flickr.com :)

miriam said...

wow, some collactibles you got there!

JFK Jean said...

Wait, so the anime doll in front of Marilyn isn't a Power Puff Girl? When I saw it, I quickly made that assumption hehe

diane said...

Dominica: We should all have a Chinese gymnast, to keep us in shape (wink, wink). Love your conflicted cuckoo.

Lilith: Welcome. Your blog is really cute, but your verification box won't let me leave a comment, sigh.

TDB: Wow, I love your blog!!! I got stuck on the photos of Tyson, mmmmmmm.

Girl I: Are you following me? I squeaked when I saw that!

JD: I knew the doll had a history, I thought it was Malaysia. I'll check it out, thanks.

Miriam: People in Sweden are famous for their clean design. I could probably take a lesson from you.

JFK Jean: I think you're right, but don't the Power Puff's have their roots in anime? Btw, you were quick to recognize her; a fan, maybe?

Cait said...

Its so hard to get rid of things. What interesting things they are...

Oh, thanks for the note..um, I did have some fun with my Emily character over the summer and her split personality. Although, I never wanted to dive deep into her past..as to why it happened..yet, that's how she found Archie.