Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Make-up Lesson, Natalie Portman Look-a-Like

I have a beautiful, young neighbor who looks like Natalie Portman. As it turns out, she will be a bridesmaid in a wedding in May, and as I am previously booked that day, I gave her a make-up lesson today so she can do her own make-up for the event. She brought her own stuff with her, and I filled in the gaps with my own & made up a list of what she needs to buy.
While we set to work in the kitchen, her daughter & my grand daughter played happily in the living room. It was a very nice morning.
Isn't she beautiful?


Dominica said...

Nathalie P. is very talented and also a very bright, clever girl !
Beautiful too- she must be proud to look like her !!
She has indeed her bright eyes ; very similar ...

Girl Interrupted said...

Very pretty girl! Beautiful eyes especially.

The little poppet with the bunches reminds me of me when I was little lol my mum always put my hair in little bunches :P

drollgirl said...

you are such a great neighbor! and this is really really cool of you. i am not sure if i could really do anybody else's make up and not botch the job on the first go around.

JFK Jean said...

I have that instyle issue! Lol Hope we get follow up "after" pictures as well

I also want to thank you for your comment on my latest post. Funny thing was, I was a little on the fence about using it but decided to go with it obviously. They both happened to be drunk by the way which kind of led to those wide smiles....

Jack Daniel said...

This lady doesn´t need any make up!

And why did you gave her make up lesson...are you a make up artist? :)

diane said...

Dominica: She's very modest, and blushes when I tell her she looks like N.P.

Girl I.: That poppet is my grand daughter. I love her hair like that, it's how we keep her ringlets under control.

Drollgirl: I like doing it, always have.

JFK Jean: Some of the best things happen by accident, or by drink.

JD: I used to work for Chanel, Shiseido, Prescriptives, and Dior, over the years. It got tiresome, always about how much money I could make for them, they were all the same.

You are right, she doesn't need make-up, never wears it. She's only wearing it for the wedding.

Cait said...

How sweet. A wedding to look forward too!

Thanks for the note. Yeah, Prom is best when you're with a group of friends.

Its warming up some..good sleeping weather.

Vic said...

You amaze me! I do makeup well enough to avoid disapproving stares, but that's about it.

She's going to look beautiful for the ceremony (and she really is already beautiful).