Monday, May 25, 2009

Tag, Are You It?

This is a new way of tagging people. It's a short story, and you're in it. If you can find a reference that relates to you, consider yourself tagged. Here's the rules: You don't have to link to anyone, or go to anyone else's page. But you have to come up with an entertaining story including tags of your friends. So, buckle up and remember It's the Journey that counts, not the Swank Heights that you reach at the end.

Xavi was feeling the skywind on his face while Kihogo drove the car, doing the fifty factor. He was watching the trees blur past him on this heart shaped morning. What were these hipster musings going on in his buzzing little brain? As he glanced down at the rushing pavement, his inner concrete commentary told him that perhaps he was happy because this droll girl seated next to him may well be the reason for his waking surreal. It was a real street inspiration.
Kihogo noticed how quiet and peaceful Xavi was. "Hey there, cool hunter." she said. "What were you thinking just then? You don't look worried about getting your plane right on time."
"I'm not." he replied. Usually he was such a fragrant liar when it came to being casual, but on this day, not even a fashion pirate could burst his style bubble. He just felt stitched, and that was it.
Kihogo broke a big smile and laughed, "What is with you today? I don't mean to be a face hunter, and please don't think I'm going into some kind of baby doll rage, but you seriously look like you've been sucking on vintage lollipops or something."
"I don't know what you mean", retorted Xavi. I'm just really excited about going to seek out Tracey's Treasure in Dooder City, that's all".
"Yo mama!" Kihogo jested. "You have that same dreamy look going on that you did the night we went to Lulu's Sandbar. Remember that night? Cause I sure do."
They were just passing a billboard advertising the faces and places of Antwerp. At her speed of fab 50 plus, they were making record time.
"Yes." said Xavi "I remember that night better than you think. You were calling yourself my phat mama, and asking me if I wanted to know what's inside of your choo's box."
Suddenly regretting that she had brought up that night, the girl interrupted. "Hey! Did you see that? Over there! We just passed that blue yak that Skyler's dad was talking about."
"That was the son of Thomas who mentioned that, not Skyler's dad." he replied.
They were almost to the airport. All of this small talk, like some kind of Daniel's graphic life, had not distracted Xavi from his divina-boudoir mood. Even the sight of her dk;dc tattoo that she had done before they met could not dampen his spirits.
"My lovely little Prunella de ville." he cooed.
She wasn't responding.
"Oh la couturier, je t'aime." He whispered.
He could see her softening. Then she stiffened and said "Don't think you're going to charm me the same way you did with Claudia S. or Ann H... I'm not so easy."
"Ah, but I love you Maegan." He was using her given name. "I really do."
"Don't be a fool." laughed Kihogo. "We're not like Sart and Dore you know. And besides, you know fashion is my only love."
And with that, she pulled into JFK airport, just in time for Xavi to catch his flight.


Vic said...

This was great! I'll start working on mine tomorrow, once my Nyquil high wears off...:)

Dominica said...

OK - get the picture ...
will have to think about that seriously ...

Poor you, I know the feeling, been on that same ol' Nyquil the whole past week !
My friend is bringing me some extra stash when she gets back from the States...

Girl Interrupted said...

Haha oh how clever! I'm definitely gonna give this a go! Wtg Diane :) xx

XAVS said...

Oh my, thanks a soon as I get rid off this awful ful I'm so coming up with my part!! Thanks a lot! Love this story!

diane said...

I'm glad you all like the idea. There are over 35 blog tags in it, can you believe it?

Dooder City said...

How on earth did you do that? Thanks for the shout out. I was wondering if 'Yo mama' was a blog or just awesome language. @ Vic, LOL nyquil high - I would kind of want to see the short story she would write while on nyquil.

Fragrant Liar said...

Who you calling a fragrant liar??? :) That's an interesting way to play tag. Kinda fun, huh? I will see about doing one too.

drollgirl said...

you are one creative woman!!!! wow! and thank you for the shout out!!! Maegan said...

omg cute!! ...thank you and oh so creative! I don't think I could come up with such a great story.

omg I just saw your comment ...35 BLOG TAGS .. . WOW.

mkreider said...

How the heck did you do that! You're amazing... fun too!

Cait said...

Oh..and to be a tattoo..thanks..hahahaha..I liked the French part too.

I'm taking a few days off from dk;dc I'll be back the 28th.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Thanks for the tag (fifty factor)-- I think. Yours will be very hard to beat but I'll give it a try!

Jack Daniel said...

what?? 35 blogs?
Thanks for mentioning me, Diane.
Hm...I need some time... :P

Traceytreasure said...

How cool was that? VERY!!
My girls gave me their stupid cold and I can't think straight but I had to come and visit you.
I might do this but I'll have to be 100% first.
I can't type well and just left a typo in a comment on the Fifty Factor. Ugh!!


Lulu said...

Very hipster idea - please pull up to Lulu's Sandbar for a free adult bevvie...oops. Just a preview...:)

Of course, I'll have to work MFT into this!

g. said...

This is great!!!

ANN said...

Lmao! This is hysterical! Thanks for the nod!