Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Thrift Store, Plato's Closet

While I was away on va-ca, I discovered a great new thrift store called Plato's Closet. They carry all kinds of great brands like American Eagle, Hollister, Gap, ect. Their prices and selection are completely amazing, and I scored big for under $10.00: One Gap leather belt, one Abercrombie henley, one Forever 21 tunic, and one Express men's classic button up shirt.
The store manager, Zack Krapf, was kind enough to let me take a few photos. He was really cute, btw. There are a bunch of these stores, this one's in Langhorne, Pa., but you can find one near you by going to Or just click on the title - Great Thrift Store, Plato's Closet - and you're there.


cait said...

Sounds like a great place to shop.

Love the pictures.

Thanks for the note. Oh..were starting to sweat thunderstorms here.

I could only wish my own cousin had as much success with her own Dad as Charlotte. Recently, there was an altercation(He hit her in the face and broke her cell phone), and he went to jail for a few hours. She's living with my Aunt now til school is out.

Good to have cute hubby working on that car. My boyfriend needs to work on his brother's cars..who came to live with us until he joins the marines. He has two cars that won't run in front of our house.

Girl Interrupted said...

Oooooh! Retail heaven!

Um ... great pics ... but why no shot of this rather cute Zack?? Hmmm?

C'mon Diane ... single girl here, you gotta give me something!

:P Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

The Fabulous Girl said...

wow great finds. u are so lucky. usually i'm not that lucky when i go thrifting.

JFK Jean said...

Yeah, this just re-affirms my hate for women and their "great thrifty finds". Sure we men can find some gems too, but we aren't as lucky as women because men aren't the backbone of fashion or the economy hehe.

You'd better wear all those pieces at least once with your converse. Don't you just love it's versatility?

Traceytreasure said...

Hawesome!!! I love Thrift stores so, very much!! I pleases me, no end to save big bucks on treasures like the one's you scored!!

Congrats!! It almost makes up for the fact that you have to work this weekend!!

Traceytreasure said...

s/b It pleases me....


More hugs!!

La Couturier said...

I wish there were decent thrift stores around here =[

I'll let you all know my project soon... ;]

La C.

Dominica said...

LOVE your 2 tops ; the grey I would have picked myself too...I'm a sucker for grey t shirts !
Am I glad we don't have this shop nearby ; this would be my daily routine I guess but luckily I still have Hema !! :-))
And GI just wrote what I was thinking ; why not a pic of Zack ??
Now you made us really curious Diane !!

Jack Daniel said...

I should shop more at thrift stores...they´re the best. And of course, the cheapest!!

diane said...

Cait: You have one of the most interesting lives, I am beginning to realize.

Girl I: Use your imagination, that's what it's there for (Vogue).

Mina: You must have some luck, you always look great!

JFK Jean: You have such a "clever" eye. You are right about my chucks, I have been wearing them with everything.

Tracey: I think we are shopping twins. Actually, I think we have a lot more than shopping in common.

La C: You always post the most useful fashion stuff ever. I can't wait to see what your project is.

Dominica: You'd have to fight me for that gray top, bet JD would love to see that. I'll just stick to my "ghetto" wear, and you keep your YSL, o.k.?

JD: If I bumped into you in a thrift store, I bet I would forget all about shopping, hottie.

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow that place is too beautiful :ooooo so colorful <3<3 I love it <3<3<3 I want to shop there!!

Prunella Jones said...

I love thrifting. It's like a treasure hunt and makes shopping so much more fun than simply going to the mall. We have a Plato's here but it's not nearly as colorful as that one. I'm jealous.

Ann H. said...

We have a couple of them by out here. I used to dress my kids from there all the time. They only take very lightly worn designer clothes for resale. I love it.

drollgirl said...

fantastic finds! and bargains galore make THIS girl very happy. :)

Jack Daniel said...

I think you confuse me with The Man Who Knew Too Much..... :P :P

Anonymous said...

Nice place!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got some great pieces at such a steal. Can't believe it! I love sifting through racks of clothes and finding amazing items!

xo, Becs

Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art ~ Representing Jim Dine and Sam Francis said...
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Annie said...

wow, this looks amazing! you found some excellent stuff :)

Liberty London Girl said...

Good top for my travels in the US! LLGxx

Ann said...

OOOoooo! I LOVE to thrift! We have a Plato's Closet here as well, however I am partial to Thrift-Co. It's massive. You could spend all day looking. (BTW, those shoes are great.)