Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Walking Now, I'm Walking.

I really love our local swimming pool. It reminds me of vacations in New Hampshire in the 60's. The best part is, it's a two minute walk from my house. I just grab my towel and go.

This is how our football team deals with the opposing team. We demoralize them from the very start by placing their fans in the bleachers under a building with a collapsed roof. Good strategy.

Don't be hating

This morning, after getting dressed, I was feeling especially refreshed. I came down into the kitchen to get my coffee, and felt something nice and cool under my arm. When I lifted my shirt to see what it was, the top of my deodorant fell onto the floor.


JFK Jean said...

Hahaha, the top to your deodorant eh? And I hate to sound like a square but shouldn't there by laws against having that kind of home field advantage? I'm sure the opposing team and their supporters are always terrified lol.

XAVS said...

hahaha...that was funny!!;)

Dooder City said...

That deoderant story is so hysterical. I love pools but I am a little scared of NYC's pools where there are 50 random people chilling in the pool. BTW you were the only one who commented on the Bad Brains photo:)<- that is why I love you. Bad Brains is the best.

SkylersDad said...

Nice photos, and a great story!

brandi milne said...

Your armpit threw up.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

How funny!
Seriously, it's so beautiful where you live. Just gorgeous!!

Happy week Diane!!


Mark said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks very familiar to me.

diane said...

JFK Jean: We need some kind of advantage. Evidently, there's not enough protein in squirrel meat to go around.

Dooder City: Grab the boyfriend and the Mini Cooper for the week end and come swim in the country.

SkylersDad: My photography skills are improving, thank you.

Brandy milne: My armpit did nothing of the kind. That stupid top should have been anchored.

TraceyTreasure: Yes, it is quite beautiful here. A little slice of hillbilly heaven.

Mark: Well, hey there neighbor! I was wondering when you were going to get around to reading my blog.

diane said...

Mark: I thought you were Mark, my neighbor. I just went to your web page, and you are a completely different Mark. Well, anyway, welcome to my page.

miriam said...

you're joking, you got a swimming pool just minutes from where you live!

and yeah, i'm back now! i'll be dedicating a post to you and the lovely inspirational package this week. loved it!

diane said...

Miriam: Sweet! I love things dedicated to me.

Hey everybody: Did anyone notice the word hate under the word stop? I think that is one of my favorite examples of graffiti I have ever seen.

drollgirl said...

lucky you with a pool nearby!

and love the deodorant story. BAH!

Cait said...

hahahahahahaaaaa..that sounds so like something I would do.

Love the pic of the pool.

Hope you're having a good week.

Mimi said...

Your so lucky to be so close to a pool, I want to go swimming already!

The deodorant story is hilarious!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I am laughing about the deodorant top. How did you get so far without noticing it :-)

Great pics. looks like a lovely day! More please.

Dominica said...

After our worldwide cough, now something else is spreading !
Do you feel like your a dumb*ss lately ?
I seem to be forgetting and losing everything lately ...and, on top, something similar like your deo happened to me too but I can't remember right now !
Blimey !!
Yesterday, I almost forgot my specs but this nice guy gave them back to me. I lost my specs-case already earlier this week and normally I'm well managed and never lose anything !
This morning, I lost me specs again, to finally find them in the stockbasement in my shop on top of a box..I had them on my head and they just fell on this box !
I really need some high-maintenance massage to get me in shape again, mentally, that is !

diane said...

Dominica: Do you have fluoride in your water? It's been shown to slow down brain activity and make people forgetful when ingested. It's also been proven to make males less aggressive. Fluoride was never meant to be swallowed. We have a very expensive water filter that filters out most of the bad stuff in water.
Just as a side note, most processed foods have some type of msg in it, which could also be the culprit. If you google fluoride or msg, lots of shocking information comes up.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I wanna pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

- Jennifer

Ann said...

I love these shots. How do you not realize that the top to your deodorant is cupped under your armpit??? LOL!