Thursday, June 11, 2009


There is a manhunt going on in my neighborhood. No, not the good kind. At the moment I am sitting locked into my house while some guy is out there at large. Every one of the houses on my street got "hit". I heard a tapping at my side door, and some guy was asking if he could come in and use my phone. He was "out there", and I knew something was up. So I said my husband would have a fit if I let him in, and he left. I called the police, and found out that they were already on my street, investigating. The really scary thing is, even though neighbors yelled at the guy and told him they were calling the police, this guy still kept casing houses and breaking into cars. And then he GOT AWAY!!! The police said he was passing counterfeit money at the bank this morning, and GOT AWAY!!! That's twice!! Way to go Keystone Cops!! So, I'm sitting here, shaking, waiting for Cute Hubby to get home from work.

Know any good jokes? Come on people, make me laugh.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Knock, knock.......Sorry, probably not a good time for knock knock jokes? :)
How scary! I hope that they catch him. He won't get away a 3rd time, I hope.
One of our friends caught a guy breaking into his shop/place of business and he held the guy at gunpoint until the cops showed up, just last week. It made the paper and everything.

Sorry I don't have any good jokes. If he comes back stab him! Be safe, dear!!


diane said...

Tracey: Ha ha, knock knock. You crack me up, thanks.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holy crap! Lock your doors and windows sister! That's scary.

I used to live near Sing Sing Prison in NY. Every time some one escaped they'd do a big dragnet of the area and stop every single car and search it. Sometimes the State Police would even knock on my door--- Oy. I'm telling you we live in a crazy world. I used to carry a can of bug spray around with me in case I ever ran into the escapee. I didn't have mace but I figured Raid would stop him long enough for me to get away....


mo.stoneskin said...

Glad you kept him out.

Do you think he really wanted to use the phone? Crazy, in an age of cellphones and all.

diane said...

Joanna: Bug spray is really good for getting rid of pests (couldn't resist that one). I've been walking around the house with a machete. If he's looking in the windows, he might figure there's already someone crazy in here.

Mo.stoneskin: NO, I do not think he wanted to use the phone. Not unless he needed to call for a truck to haul away all of the stuff he had just stolen from my neighbors. Jeesh.

Trooper Thorn said...

Diane, add a boost to the bug spray by lighting the nozzle. You'd be surprised how dissuasive a home made flame thrower can be.

Miss Yvonne said...

I'm doing armpit farts for you right now. Are you laughing? I can't hear you.

drollgirl said...

grab yer gun! how mortifying!!!!

years ago i lived in a very suspect neighborhood. i got home one night and the dea was banging on my door shouting ARE THERE ANY MEN IN THERE! i was petrified! apparently some loser was on the loose and they were trying to find him. helicopters, guns, the works. it was scary. scary larry.

hope they catch that dirtbag soon. bah!

La Couturier said...

Oh my gosh!

i'm sorry - I'm not exactly the comedic type. But if I find a joke i'll let you know ;)

La C.

JFK Jean said...

A Rabbi, a priest and Bill O'Reilly walk into a bar.....I'm glad to hear your alright. That is some scary business and I hate to be negative Nancy but always stay on your toes for creeps like that b/c they always seem to pop up when everyone least expects it

diane said...

Trooper Thorn: That might be really good advice for someone who isn't afraid of setting their own house on fire.

Miss Yvonne: Are you sure those are ARMpit farts? I thought I smelled something, I'm just saying.

Drollgirl: Man, you're tough. I'm sorry you went through something so similar. What gun?

La C: That's o.k., your presence here is comforting.

JFK Jean: I don't get it. You know what they say, he who laughs last had it explained.

GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY, THEY CAUGHT HIM!!! I'm going to bed now, with the doors bolted tight, just in case. Thank you so much for all of your support. Who would dare cross the threshold of good vibes coming from all of your comments? You really made me feel safer, when I wasn't hiding and then running downstairs to check the computer quick for comments. xo d

cait said...


Yikes. I keep thinking I'm going to look out the patio anyday now and just see someone in the back yard staring at me. But the neighbors do have a big dog. Just it probably wouldn't be out when I need it to be.

When I was really little, my Mom told me how this blond teenage boy was going through the neighborhood wanting to borrow tools, but she wouldn't let him in because she thought he might be casing the place for..anything. Then about a week later she saw him looking through the neighbor's bedroom window. She was a single 20's Mom with a baby. So we called the cops then.

I hope you are relaxing now with CH home now. I'm sure this can take a toll on your nerves.

cait said...

oh..what I forgot to tell you..that was the time she couldn't find me..and thought maybe he'd kidnapped me. She went to the neighbors ..everywhere wondering where I was. I was hiding in the closet.

diane said...

Cait: First of all, let me tell you that as a small child you had a wild sense of humor. No wonder you are such a good writer. Secondly, once when I was doing dishes, I looked up and out the window.....and someone was looking back in.

You guessed it. Cute Hubby, he has a wild sense of humor too.

cait said...

so..I wasn't full of jokes. Hope the situation is better today.

Dominica said...

Use perfume that's gone bad to spray in his freakin' face !!
My shop is near a (relatively small) prison here (just across the kids school !) but it's only used for criminals that have to stay in pre-arrest.
Well, be happy it's just this one guy ; a few years ago 24 prisoners escaped at the same time (I think the cops were not the bright kind) and we still make jokes about that !
After so many years !
Hope they catch him soon !

PS know a pretty (dirty) joke, so I will mail it to you in private :-))

Isabel said...

This is scary! I'd need a good joke too if that was happening to me.

miriam said...

that is scary. i hope they catch him!

as for a joke, how about this. the trailer "Bruno":

he's surely weird!

Dooder City said...

ummm wtf is going on around there?
Ok have you been to this website?

It's will make you laugh.

Vic said...

Ack!! I came to this post late, and see you haven't posted anything new.

Please tell me that's because you're out having fun and not because you're being held hostage in your house.

We had a situation like this a year or so ago, only the man was reported to be carrying a gun (a bank robbery suspect) I think he got away too.

I hope you're okay!!

Miss Eve said...

OMG...I'm very sorry to hear this. Take care and my "fun" suggestion is a movie with Will Ferrell (if you like him)...Try to relax in the weekend. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and I'm very happy to see you on my page. Much love: Evi