Sunday, June 21, 2009

Night Out at the Movies

Last night I took Cute Hubby to see Lucio Fulci's The Gates of Hell, for father's day. As we waited in the ticket line, the attendant was obviously flustered and trying to find the right tickets for the people ahead of us. He called the manager's office for help, but no one answered. I thought the man was going to have a melt down, although I couldn't see why. There was a family of five in front of us that wanted tickets for the show, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show after that. Simple. It took at least 5 minutes by the clock for the attendant to produce the tickets. Cute Hubby and I got our tickets without a hitch and proceeded down to the table with the comic books and t-shirts. I'm sorry about the blurry photo, I was being pushed and shoved around by the crowd of 15 people who showed up for the film. The girl who took the photo of Cute Hubby and I was a self-proclaimed "professional" photographer. Her photo is blurrier than mine.
We got our popcorn, candy, and soda, and went into the auditorium to find our seats. The owner of Mazz Press gave a small speech about the film and then the previews started. The previews were all original from the 70's; Phantom of the Paradise, American Pop, Heavy Metal, and some minor B-movies. They were great!
The Gates of Hell was really gory, which led to lots of hiding my eyes and squeezing Cute Hubby's bicep throughout the film. Towards the end, the audience members who were also there for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, decided to yell out funny remarks and running commentaries. I guess they were warming up for their main event.
All in all, it was great fun. The weather was rainy and we drove there in the 63' Chevy Belair, adding to the creepy ambiance of the evening. Cute Hubby complimented my outfit by telling me that I looked like Daria Nicolleti, mother of Asia Argento, Nice.

What are you doing for father's day? For all of you who are fathers, I hope you have a nice day. For the rest of you, I hope you spoil those dads today. Have a nice day. xo


Cait said...

aw..thats so cool..maybe your daughter looks like Asia too..just had to put that in..thats so cool. I thought she was great in B. Monkey.

thanks for the note. well, my boyfriend is taking forever to get to know his real Dad. His step-dad has always been his dad as far as he's concerned. He and his brothers who are all half brothers..may not look much a like but they do have all the same mannerism. Deep down, I think of him being a father to all of them. They do adore him.

Well..we are off to some fancy Italian place my Dad wants to go too..though, I have my doubts we get in..but, oh well.

& we saw Year One today. It was cute. I will admit Michael Cera saved it, and really he's not a real actor. He's just Michael.

Dooder City said...

You guys are adorable. Gore and horror sounds like an ideal fathers day to me! I made sure to call my father today and sent him a big book on The Vanderbuilts for him to read. Today I went for a run and tonight my bf and I are getting mexican food:) I just couldn't cook.

diane said...

Cait: You have such interesting relationships, or the people in your life have interesting relationships, or both.
Italian sounds good to me.
I love Michael Cera, he's so cute.
Almost forgot, neither one of my daughters looks like Asia.

Dooder City: The Vanderbuilts, interesting choice. Is your dad into finance? Or architecture?
Mexican food sounds good, too. I must be hungry.

JFK Jean said...

That "professional" photographer needs to go back to square one. I for one am kind of particular with these things to the point that I'd keep taking photos until I got it right, even if I don't know you :).

I called my dad and called my brother to make sure he called as well. Also, an 86 y/o in the lower east side calls my 71 y/o old man a "baby", which nearly makes me question where I and those my age stood in this world haha....

JFK Jean said...

Love the ensemble btw :)

chicmuse said...

I like your blog!


diane said...

JFK Jean: Regarding the photographer: I know, right?

I love the old dudes "baby" story.

About the outfit: Thanks. I know the dress is by an important designer, but I can never remember which one, is that bad?

Chicmuse: Welcome. Right back at ya babe, mwahhh!

cait said...

Oh..I would be worried if I did have daughters that looked like Asia..she looks like a lot to reckon with...hahahaa.. I don't even guess Michael Pitt could handle her.

Well, dinner was lovely. I can't believe we got in. My brother went on and on about the food like a food critic since he's in the food industry. It was OK. Naturally, my man only ordered a Ceaser salad he didn't want my Dad to pay too much for his meal. In all, I think my dad had a great Father's day. We got him whiskey. My brother got him beer while my little brother texted through the whole meal.

He'll be a Senior in high school & he's never home lately. My mom is suspecious that he's got a girl. He always goes for those who are older, have cars and can drive him places. Really, he might be the smartest one in the bunch.

Oh..and thanks for the note. Well, I look back on all the talks my cousin used to have about her Dad when she was little. He could do no wrong...and well, her story is a lot like Charlotte's. Sometimes, though, I really feel little children really do bring out the best in some people.

diane said...

Cait: Remember Asia in those Miss Sixty ads? She made me want a pair of their boots soooo bad.
I'm glad father's day turned out so well for your dad. Your brother sounds a lot like my son at that age, always texting. Now he hates his phone, go figure.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You two make such a cute couple! You're gorgeous! I can tell you aren't hooked on donuts like I am!!

Your comments to me are too kind!

Love ya,

Dominica said...

This is such a cute picture of you guys ; doesn't look like you're gonna see a horror movie...
But that's just the fun fact here it when people do whatever they really like.....and are really COOL !!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love that you went to a horror movie for Father's Day.
And you-- GREAT legs girly :-)

clarewbrown said...

what a beautiful blog! With a great story!!