Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life Over Easy, Just Tommy's and Me

Tommy's is a little diner type restaurant in Coaldale that has stayed open against all odds. In tighter than tight times, the owners used their own Social Security money to pay the heating bill and keep the place running. While other restaurants were closing, Tommy's left it's doors open, so the community could have a place to gather and talk over a cup of "jo". They do close on Sunday, however; you'll find them in church.


SkylersDad said...

I love little places like that. I think every small place must buy their plastic glasses and booths from the same supplier!

JFK Jean said...

Talk about dedication. Dipping into their SS was an obviously bold move but I believe it'll work in their favor.

That last sign = beyond hilarious. Some parents should learn the concept of keeping an eye on your child.....

Girl Interrupted said...

Aw, cute place! I'd love to travel across America and stop at all the little places like that, they have much more soul and character. That's how I imagine the real America to be.

Dooder City said...

You never hear of these places around anymore. I think Starbucks ate them all away. I am so glad that they are still open and keeping up with staying true to their roots (closed on Sundays)! I work in a restaurant and I think that last sign is so perfect. When parents let the kids run up and down the aisle it is so wrong. They don't understand that the waiters carry hot coffee and tea that could spill on their heads.

diane said...

SkylersDad: I never thought of that. I think their booths are pretty old.

JFK Jean: Not many retired people would dip into their private funds to keep a business running.

Girl I: If you come to the states, would you promise to visit me? I live not that far from zibbsy, he'd want to see you too.

Dooder City: You're on the right track, corporations like Starbucks & Walmart are destroying free enterprize.
I used to be in the restaurant business, for years, and I couldn't stand it when parents let their kids run amok. It happens in a lot of business, come to think of it. I bet Dominica's got some horror stories of her own.

drollgirl said...

i am so glad they have made it through these stupid damn economic times! bah! i hope things get better soon for all of us.

and, miss diane, thank you so much for your words of wisdom on my blog that also made me laugh. you might be right on the money. you just might be.

thank you again, and i hope you have a great weekend. :)

cait said...

That sounds like a sweet place to go. I love those kind of places..especially, breakfast there. Yum..

I went with some co-workers today to celebrate someone's birthday..we went out for French toast and strawberries. Really good & then on to some craft vendor places. Just wish I had more money.

Thanks for the note.

diane said...

Drollgirl: Thank god I didn't say something stupid. You are most welcome; I love your blog.

Cait: I was all fine with my eggs and toast, and then you had to rain all over it with your french toast and strawberries. I wonder where I can get some of that?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I must visit your area one of these days.
You have the coolest little places!!
Happy Father's Day to your Cute Hubby!
Hope your weekend is wonderful and next week is great too!
Hugs and love,

Dominica said...

This is "cliché' America (the diner I mean) and I really love that ! Just like Girl I. mentioned above.

The other day I was talking to hubby in the car when we saw a 'clone' diner house in the street !
I remember saying that I really like that stuff, the outside aswell as the interior !
What great people to keep their business open and doing everything they can to stay open ! LOVE them ! I would go and eat at least twice a week if I was living in Coaldale ! I rather give my money to people that have a small business than the big resto's ! I do exactly the same over here ! If there is a shop opening near me or my shop, I always try to buy/eat at their place ; I see them as colleagues !

Jack Daniel said...

What´s the last sign? Is it for real? haha

diane said...

Dominica: Bravo! I always knew we were kindred spirits.

JD: That sign is for real. It's in the front, when you walk in.

Anonymous said...

I want a dinner meal...and that children sign. ~Mary

Dominica said...

PS wanna have that sign for my shop :-))

Joanna Jenkins said...

That's my all time fave breakfast-- Fried eggs on toast!

My folks owned an old fashioned soda fountain with a sigh that said "Unattended children will be sent home with a kitten."

PrincessImp. said...

That sign at the end - wicked! :D