Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kathleen Turner's Birthday

Dear Kathleen,
Happy Birthday. I loved the way you looked in the Romancing the Stone Movies. What was it like to work with Michael Douglas? Even though they were costume, did a little part of you cry when he cut the heels off of your shoes? I wonder if Catherine Zeta Jones has to hide her shoes.
Who talked you into playing the part of Chandler's dad on "Friends"? Was it a hard part to play, because you were very convincing. Did Jennifer Aniston share any hair secrets with you?
I almost forgot, what was it like to act with Jack Nicholson in Prizzi's Honor? Are you taller than him? Was it hard to do serious love scenes with him while you could see the bald spot on his head? Did he have to stand on a box for the kiss scenes?
I really hope you get this birthday greeting. I have always admired you, and I don't really mind that your voice has gone down by about 8 octaves.
Your friend,


XAVS said...

hahahhaha, 8 least! She was terrific, and I can't believe how bad she has aged! Anyway, still a big big star for mee too!!

SkylersDad said...

She is one of my all time fav's!

JFK Jean said...

I'm rolling from the 8 octaves line...did I smell sarcasm in that sentence?

Dooder City said...

You know, I have always wanted to see Romancing the Stone but never got around to it. I loved what you said about Jack. Is he really that short? Did she really age that bad? She is really beautiful in that photo.

diane said...

Dooder City: Jack's practically a midget. And yes, she aged badly; weight gain and bloating.

Rent Romancing the Stone, you'll love it.

Prunella Jones said...

She was quite stunning with a great bad girl voice. I think she aged so badly because of an arthritic disease or something like that.

Vic said...

She was funny in Marley and Me though! Loved her back in the old days.

drollgirl said...

ahahAAAAHAHAHAH!!! i hope she gets this! could you imagine if she wrote you back?!??!?!

hope you have a great weekend. i think we are going to go see the same movie if all goes as planned!

Cait said...

I've always loved her voice. My grandmother told me she used to watch her on a soap opera.

Thanks for the note. I appreciate it. Oh, its been a rainy day here.

Hope you have a fab weekend. Love the post.

diane said...

Drollgirl: Are you thinking of Drag Me To Hell? We're not seeing that.

drollgirl said...

d'oh. you are right. we are going to different movies. my mind is mush lately. :[

i hope you enjoy your movie and your weekend!

La Couturier said...

Happy birthday to her!

La C.

Dominica said...

I 've seen her 'for real' when I was about 15 !! I was on holiday at the French Riviera with my parents and some other members of my family back then, and we decided to go to Cannes for a day !
When we walked down the Croisette, they were shooting a scene and we had to wait for that. She was Kathleen Turner but at that time, I didn't realise it was her (Romancing the Stone or Jewel of the Nile I thought it was) But I remember the guy that told us to wait until the scene was shot, explaining us that it was Kathleen Turner and she looked really sexy and beautiful with her long blonde hair

diane said...

Dominica: That is the coolest story.

Girl Interrupted said...

Kathleen Turner scares the bejeesus outta me ... but I kinda respect that :P