Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Kids Are All Right

Kids don't care about designers, they just like stuff that's comfortable and looks good. I think there's a fashion lesson for adults in here somewhere. It has something to do with letting go, being free, being yourself; that kind of thing. Oh yeah, and the importance of friendship, major lesson.
Photos courtesy of Cookie magazine August 2009.


JFK Jean said...

Kids are so awesome (even though they can be a bit annoying at times) but when they smile and laugh, even when they look angry, it's a cute thing. Everything is "up, up, up" for them while we adults are always instructing them to "sit down", "turn the music down", "turn the volume down", etc

SkylersDad said...

I have never cared what I look like. But that is immediately apparent to anyone who meets me!

frances said...

love these photos :) x

diane said...

JFK Jean: Good comment, and so true.

SkylersDad: I don't know, you look pretty good to me.

frances: Me too.

michellehendra said...

wow.. these days kiddo got style!!!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I remember being very excited as a kid to finally be allowed to "dress myself"... As in I didn't have to dress identically to my big sister anymore. I thought the Fruit of the Loom labels were so cute on my undershirts, that I wore them inside out so everyone could see my "decoration".

You always find the greatest pictures! Hope you're having a happy weekend.

Prunella Jones said...

Cute kids. You're making my ovaries twitch!

La Couturier said...

Agreed; that is so true! I think as we grow older we become increasingly obsessed with designer this & thats. You look way back and see yourself as a kid, happy, carefree, and still lookin' good - it's possible sans designer duds! (:

La C.

diane said...

michellehendra: I agree. I love a lot of the stuff they're wearing these days.

Joanna J: Sometimes I still wear my clothes inside out, but that's because I can no longer see what I'm doing.

Prunella: Twitching ovaries? That's quite a reaction.

La C: Thanks for the validation. Of course, you said it better than me, but thanks anyway.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Cute kids! My kids are all about comfort, too! I think that they'd care more about the label if they were in school. That's another good thing about home schooling them!

Hope your weekend was awesome!!


diane said...

Tracey: Yeah, home schooling's a good thing. We're considering doing that with my grand daughter. Hugs right back at ya! xo

Cait said...

Darn if they don't get on to me when I turn up in my pajama pants and sweet tank at the lib. for work. Those bad dresscodes.

Really sweet stuff. Thanks for the note. I finally had to get around to writing that part.

My dad made steak and penne tonight. So good. I drank up the wine. Its been a long weekend at the lib.

diane said...

Cait: Pajama pants in public, a big no no in my book.
I love steak and wine. Wish I had some of that tonight, I had pizza and seltzer after work.

drollgirl said...

llllllllllllove the pics!!! and hope you have had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love kids clothes, I wish I was small enough to still wear them

Girl Interrupted said...

Aww ... that last pic is adorable! It makes me ache with nostalgia and longing for my own lost childhood of long, long, carefree summers of fun and friendship :(

Being an adult pretty much blows for most of the time.

Drew said...

I pine for simpler days when I could just wear what was comfortable and not worry about things like drug rehab.

miriam said...

i love these pictures! and you've just sorted me out with a great moodboard : ) working on a new kids project, so these came well in handy. thank you!

and yes, kids don't care about labels. but their parents do!

diane said...

Jasmina: I've seen some pretty big kids out there, I bet you could find some kid's duds that would fit.

Drollgirl: I had a super week end. How was yours?

Girl I: Being an adult can be just as much fun as being a kid. It's all a matter of priorities.

Drew: Pining away is not good, neither is being switched over to a drug rehab page when I don't need one.

Miriam: That's cool that these came in handy for you. I'd love to see some of your ideas sometime.

Dominica said...

Wow, these clothes look adorable !! Have to look up that mag !!
As I am surrounded by kids and clothes pretty much all of my working time, I find kids really grown up these days !
Even when they are like 2, they already know what they want OMG !!
Some of them like to try on anything and some are a real pain the butt ! They only know this 1 word : NO !
Shoes are also very difficult ; I never EVER want to have a kids shoestore !!
I'd like to design a label for kids if ever possible but it's a much underestimated profession and a hard world to work in. There's a lot of competition and you need a good agent(ure) to pick up your label.
They are what Anna Wintour is for labels in Vogue.

Hippiegirl said...

this is so cute :)