Friday, August 14, 2009

Cards and Letters

This is a seriously random selection of cards received over the years. And, yes, I save cards.

There is a card my youngest daughter did in grade school, to let her grand mother know we had bought a new car. She was into photo shopping years before it came out.

The card with the flowers was a birthday card drawn by my mother in law. Someday I might do a post on her drawings, they're great. She also did the "Watch People" card. It was posted up on our gate when we lived in a very touristy town, and for sitting out there in all kinds of weather, I think it held up pretty well.

I have no idea what is up with that guy jumping over the babies, but I think it has something to do with "If you can survive this kid, your life will be blessed".

The "3 nudes" were interesting to receive in the mail. I'm sure it got passed around the post office before they delivered it.

And who doesn't love vintage Ken & Barbie? I still, to this day, try to get my eyeliner to look like hers. Don't make that face, I was never stupid enough to think I could have her body shape.

No words on the cat card, except that I love the colors and the way they altered their shapes somewhat.

Final thought: Hand made cards truly are the best. Sometimes they even beat out a gift.


Girl Interrupted said...

I couldn't agree more, I always used to make cards for my mum and friends, I still do occasionally and my mum always say's the homemade ones are her favourites.

All the cards were great ... the nudes were the best though, very entertaining when you have a cursor shaped like a little hand with a pointing finger :P

Dooder City said...

Hey Darling.,
I am 28 and still try to hand make my parent's cards. I think there is something special. I love the first card a lot. About Barbie, I can't get my red lipstick to stay on like she could:(
This was a great post. I am sure the cards are filled with such love and support.
I am literally running off to CT right now. HAve a great day!

diane said...

Girl I: You are totally a bad influence. I've been aiming my "hand" cursor at everything in sight now, and laughing.

Dooder C: It's a long way to run, why don't you take the mini Cooper?

Choo said...

Cool collage!!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

that nude photograph is amazing

Prunella Jones said...

I can't help it, I like the naked one best.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I sat straight up in my chair when I read "...There is a card my youngest daughter did in grade school, to let her grand mother know..." and it was next to the nudes-- I thought you were saying your daughter got this card for her grandmother!!!

LOL Sorry, I had my eyes dialaited at the opthamologist today-- Still can't see straight!

Great cards. I save mine to.


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I save cards too. I wish everyone did because when my kids make cards for our neighbor friend she throws them out. She told me that she doesn't save cards. :(

I make gift tags out of old Chrismas cards and it's a fun craft for us to do with the previous years cards and they make beautiful gift tags.

I love receiving cards in the mail because it's usually bills(bad news!) and I don't have time to read magazines anymore.
(I hope you saw my note for you to eat 2 whole pies last night and to call me in the morning? ha ha ha he he he! I hope you're feeling better today and your night doesn't suck.)


Cait said...

post cards are so fun. I love the one your daughter made & of course, watch people.

With all your little doodles and sketches...I think they'd be perfect for cards.

Thanks for explaining that dream. Thanks so much for the note.

Dominica said...

Too bad mine hasn't arrived yet ! Only 1 card has been delivered and that's the 1 for Noeks ! But she lives in Holland and they are always far more hectic ! Same here in Belgium ; the post is even slower than the police ; maybe because of the niceness of some cards like you mention and they pass them around the postoffice before sending them off to the receivers ;-))
Glad to be back Diane and yes ; I've used my SPF30 almost the whole time ; last night somebody said hubby looked more tanned than me (see !) but that's probably cause he had (t)his balls crushed (thing) but that's another story I will tell with the Italian stories later via my blog...

Vic said...

I thought the three nudes were connected to your daughter also, just for a minute! Which makes your family much more progressive than mine.

Barbie is a ridiculously hard act to follow.

This was a great collection of cards (the homemade ones, of course, were the best.)

diane said...

Choo: Thanks.

The Glamorous Eccentric: It gets more amazing the more that I look at it.

Pru: Of course you would. How are things at the titty shack?

Joanna J: I hate that darned eye solution, I'd rather be blind.

Tracey my gem: Eating two whole pies is not a good idea, I should have stopped at one. I love your gift tag idea, it's crafty.

Cait: I never really thought about using my sketches for cards, although I had an offer once for t-shirts (which I failed miserably at).

Domi: Welcome Back! I probably got my card before anybody else. You just didn't know because you were away. It's in a post I did 3 or 4 days ago, along with a shout out. Thanks again sweetie, it's such a colorful card. Glad you are not sunburned. xo

Vic: We are actually big on nudes. I have a beautiful nude painting in the guest room. I love it, it's so colorful; my mother in law painted it. For examples of her work google Gretchen Ney Laugier Retrospective.