Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best Dressed, Awards

Anybody who has seen Anita O'Day singing "Sweet Georgia Brown" at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival knows what the ultimate form of dress is.
Here are a few good examples; details on these hot little numbers can be found in the August issue of Cookie magazine.

As far as the Gucci ad goes, I wonder if I would look like Edgar Winter with hair like that.

Girl Interrupted
was awarded these two blog awards and was kind enough to pass them on. Even though I grabbed them fast and ran, I would like to say a few words about blog awards, and blogging in general.
When I started my blog, it was merely a creative outlet. Over time I started to make some real connections. My fan base started to grow, and I began to realize that I had made some true friends. I do not take this lightly. We may not all share the same political beliefs, and frequently have to agree to disagree. But I have found one of the most rewarding and supportive groups of friends that I have ever had, and for this I am truly grateful.
I love the idea of an award for comments. I would like to pass this award on to some star commentors on this blog:
Lulu, Joanna, and Tracey, for their heartfelt comments. Three sincere ladies.
Vic and Domi, who have turned out to be my two best "virtual" friends. Their comments always make my day.
Mo. S., for his hilarious English view.
Yvonne, Pru, and The Peach Tart, for their "ballsy" comments.
And last, but not least, drollgirl, because I am beginning to realize how much we have in common, and so her comments have taken on more weight.

Don't feel bad if you are not on this list, here. . . have a tissue. All of your comments are important to me. I simply cannot list everybody. But. . . I can pass this award on to everybody, YEA!! So grab it fast, and off you go.

Have a nice week-end. (hey you. . .in the corner. Stop with the crying already.)


Lulu said...

Thank you my friend! When we first connected, you had a question about being deck....little did I know at the time, that I could just send people to your blgo to see for themselves, what it means!

I'm a little tech-challenged still, but I'm going to do my best to grab that sucker and run!!

jadedj said...

Oh yeah, white gloves. I remember them, never really noticed that they went away. I could never figure out the purpose of that. When I was a kid going to church on Sundays, all the ladies, and older girls, would have on white gloves. Even on the hottest of days, down in Florida.

Along with the gloves, would be a monster straw hat.

diane said...

Lulu: You are most welcome! It's not like you're running with scissors, you should be fine.

jadedj: I wore them too, they kept my hands clean.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ahh Diane, THANK YOU! I love the idea of an award from comments and appreciate your shout out. I feel really lucky to have found your blog and that you found anything of interest on mine to comment about!

As for the white gloves... When did they go out of style. I wear my white gloves and pearls every time I leave the house.

And I WISH I had enough hair to cut my in the shot style from the ad. A girl can dream.


And you know I'm kidding about the gloves and pearls, right?

diane said...

Joanna J: I so totally believed you.
E-mail me a pic of your hair:
dyejobslye at hotmail dot com.

As far as your blog goes, it's me who's the lucky one. You have substance girl, substance.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You like me, you really like me?
I'm so glad that we met. I think it's because we are cut out of a similar cloth. Thanks for the happy tears today! I need to grow some more eyelashes after last week. It was a really tough week for me but you've just made me very happy! I appreciate you and your comments more than you'll ever know!

Hugs and love,

diane said...

Tracey: I don't think Sally Fields will ever live that down, haha.
I agree that we seem to be cut out of the same cloth, and mine has tattered a bit this week as well. That's life. xo

Dooder City said...

I totally agree with you about blogging. It is such an amazing creative release plus the friends you make through it are priceless. Plus you get so much inspiration from each other for example this post on the 1950's dresses...perfection

Marian said...

wow i love that image, there is something about white gloves. honey you deserve all the blog awards,your posts are always a pleasure to read Diane.
oh my i love dress 4 and 6, they are so fabulous!
thank you for your comment on my Raphael young post,how amazing that you had red boots just like that!
happy sunday sweetie.

Girl Interrupted said...

Aw, I just love that whole, style! So classic! Jackie O had perfect style in my opinion, very similar to the lady pictured. I was born in the wrong era, I think.

I just LOVE that red dress! It's stunning, I'm such a sucker for red (it matches my eyes :P).

Hope you're having a great Sunday, Diane xx

Ps: Thanks for the linky-love :)

Cait said...

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Sweet dresses.

drollgirl said...

we do have much in common!!! i completely agree with what you said about blogging. i don't have that many friends in real life -- and that is ok. the blog world is just amazing. absolutely incredible.

and thank you for your kind words. you are a prime example of the best of the best in the blog world! :)

diane said...

Dooder City: Ah jeez! I knew I was forgetting somebody. Crap, I can't believe I forgot you. Anyway, how was Conn.?

Marian: I could totally see you in dress 3, but that's just my personal opinion.

Kate: You crack me up (red eyes). Are you possessed or just tired?

Cait: My week end was great. How was yours?

drollgirl: See?! That's the perfect example of having something in common, I don't have that many friends either. But the ones I do have are keepers.

Vic said...

I've been in Algebra Purgatory this weekend (teenagers and their homework!), and just got here - Thanks for the award and mention - I definitely see you as a best blog friend - wish we lived closer. You'd have all my existing clothes at the door to Goodwill immediately, I know, and I'd be grateful for it.

Such beautiful dresses here today...

La Couturier said...

Lovely lovely post - those dresses are so classic!

la C.

mo.stoneskin said...

An award for comments? What, the mindless tripe that spews from my mouth? Wow, I'll continue to not edit it then!

Isabel said...

Indeed! You'll be pleased to hear that I have not worn those red Chinese slippers out in public (yet) just around the house and to go biking.

I had no idea musicians were EVER this well dressed.

diane said...

Vic: My wardrobe is always evolving, so I wouldn't mind getting rid of somebody else's clothes for a change. So by algebra purgatory, do you mean that you are sitting on a hot patio playing sudoku?

La C: You are the only person I can think of who actually has places to wear all of those dresses.

Mo. S.: I hate tripe. How about mindless eggs? Or mindless cake? Yeah. . . cake would be good.

diane said...

Isabel: The ladies of jazz were always dressed to the nines.
Glad to hear it about those slippers.

Dakota said...

White gloves. = Glamour. Love the idea. Might use that in one of my new drawings. :)

diane said...

WELCOME DAKOTA!!! I am so flattered that you came over to my blog, omg! I love your artwork (am I gushing?).

Dominica said...

Hey, Thank You So Much Diane !!
Did not know I was awarded !! LOL
The dresses look awesome and that hair is fabulous !
But as i'm growing mine before I ever hit 50 (lol) I'm not thinking about having short hair ever again !
Neither should you ...
True it's an amazing world our blogoland/world/atmosphere...amazing how you can find friends in this way ...
Glad I ever started this blog !

DAKOTA said...

Thanks so much Diane. Your compliments made me smile. It was a pleasure commenting on your blog, I like the pictures too.

Thank you so much for the compliment about my In The Mood For Love post. Oh ha ha! I can imagine. Yeah, the photography in Lord of the Rings is great. I’ve been past where they filmed segments of it, very picturesque.

Cait said...

thanks for the notes. I've been having problems with Blogger letting me go to other blogs or not letting me see their latest post.

Always something. Really a very mild weekend here. I did as little as possible, naturally.

trishiekoh said...

I feel the same way about blogging..what was simply a creative outlet became so much more.
Btw, i've given you an award!

miriam said...

these dresses are so yummy!

Jack Daniel said...

Hahaha. You're funny.

I've enjoyed this post, despite it was a liiiil too feminine for me...

diane said...

Dominica: How did you know I've been thinking of cutting my hair? I promise I won't. Cute Hubby's afraid I'll wind up looking like Roy Orbison.

Dakota: You're welcome.
I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be in N.Z.

miriam: I know, right? Now we just need to see Bjorn Borg's sporty versions of them, hint hint.

JD: That's good, because I would be a little worried otherwise.